Time For Me

I needed this. I have for several days. Time to smell the fresh air. Take a deep breath. Pamper myself. Do you get wrapped up in your jobs, kids, mates, and sometimes forget about yourself? That is what happened to me. Today was the day. I sat with my eyes closed, listening to the humming in the background. People talking, laughing, children playing. I opened my eyes for a bit and saw people everywhere. Going both directions, but at this very moment, I felt an inner peace, I had not experienced for a long time. I spoke to God and told him how my day was going. I thanked him for giving me this opportunity to energize myself. I thought about the coming week and the appointments I had ahead of me. I thought about my parents who were no longer with me. I thought about my kids and wondered how they were doing. I closed my eyes again, and let her fingers do their magic. The more she did the more relaxed I became. I never wanted to leave. I heard a voice from behind me, telling me my time was up. What a sad thing to hear. Becoming  alert, and realizing where I was, I stood up and walked over to the cashier. She handed me the bill. I was instantly back in reality. I handed her the money, and she complimented me on my new look at the local beauty salon.

I Have Been Blessed

Saturday morning. She crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom. Turning the shower on, picking out her favorite body lotion, getting her toiletries all together. She loved mornings. Peaceful, a time for herself. She walked into the shower, letting the beads of water spray over here, thanking God for another beautiful day. Giving her a chance to be a witness to another soul. She grabbed her favorite sponge and poured one of her body washes over it. It felt wonderful. So relaxing. The time she was allowed to spend in the mornings was the most important time of the day. Before long, she would hear the whine of her dog, wanting to be let outside. Soon she would hear the shuffle of her brother, coming down the hallway, wanting his breakfast. Silence would be gone, tv turned on. Noises in the background making her aware that her day had begun. She came out of the shower and dried herself off. Getting dressed, she noticed a smile on her face as she was combing her hair. Yes, she was happy. God had put her right where she belonged. Her life was sometimes less than perfect, and stress could move in the way, but for a caregiver’s life, it was very rewarding. Thank you God for you have blessed me today.