Snow Flakes

I told you yesterday when I was blogging that we were headed for a snow storm. God had answered my prayer and held off the white stuff until I returned home. We ended up receiving between 8 and 9 inches.

Here are a few photos I managed to take so I can share the cold flakes with you.

snowy drive waysnowy pathsmowy footstepsnowy picnic tablesnowy rampsnowy ramp2girl on swing lampIn the still of the night with my little girl on the swing light I watched the beautiful snow fall.

Now that it is day light, I will be Larry the Cable Guy and say, let’s get it out of here, let’s get er done…………….

Sunny Today, But Winter Is Near

English: Wood burning stove at Benton's Countr...

English: Wood burning stove at Benton’s Country Hams smokehouse, where country hams, bacon, and sausage are slow smoked for many hours, imparting their distinct flavor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting on a fence post singing his song

To anyone walking by all the day long.

Picking at the corn that is left on the ground

Filling up his belly that makes him look so round.

Squirrels are filling up their cheeks, faces hanging low

Getting all prepared for the heavy winter snow.

Cardinals are seeking the peanuts that I feed

They know the winter weather will hide their favorite seed.

Animals are the first to know what the weather is going to do

We can take our cue from them and get out our winter shoes.

The leaves have left and our shade is gone, leaving all the trees so bare

I will be sitting by my old wood stove in my long john underwear.

I will watch out the window as the snowflakes gently fall

I will wrap up in my blanket and get another shawl.

Watching the four seasons here, brings me so much delight

But I will be glad when once again, I hear the frogs mating at night.

Terry Shepherd

Oct. 15th, 2012