He Was Not Invited!!!!

Ice Water

How many bugs do you swallow that you do not see? I had a tiny gnat or something similar

Eye Gnat

that was flying around on my computer screen. He loved the light! I followed him around with my finger trip and tried to confuse him and make him dizzy, and finally he left.

Later, I took a nice big drink of my very ice-cold water. I was so thirsty because we had Domino’s pizza for supper. The spices get me every time. LOL. I was drinking and quenching my thirst and was looking down at my glass almost cross-eyed, and I spotted the spot! It was him! The gnat! That pest had tried to get me back for me trying to make him dizzy, by landing his butt in my glass. If I would not have looked he may have ended up in the deep, black hole in the back of my mouth, but instead, I gasped, choked, and water came flooding out my nose. I coughed, my eyes watered, and I about up-chucked. I guess I will never tease bugs again! I have learned my lesson.

But, it made me start thinking, about how many times I do take chug-a-lug drinks when I am so hot and thirsty and don’t look. How many bugs have I swallowed? How about those hot, humid nights when we are sitting outside, trying to catch a feel of a soft breeze going by. Have the bugs invaded my drinks?

What about the opened cola cans sitting outside. Are we inviting them in for a swim? Did we invite them in for tea? I think we must all be aware of what we are drinking and make sure we have not taken more into our guts than what we want there.

Well my gosh, now there is another gnat flying around. It must be Al’s banana peelings. I don’t have any garbage lying around. Quickly, I lay a tissue over the top of my newly poured ice water. I am not open for another water slide out my nose!! LOL

36 thoughts on “He Was Not Invited!!!!

  1. I have a cockroach (not the flying kind in Florida) story. Years ago a friend and I used to visit the nursing homes and homes of elderly people in the church. We did this once a week. One Thursday we visited a retired pastor and his wife and we always had to have a cup of tea. They had a plague of cockroaches in that building at the time. When I went to take a sip of my tea, there was a baby cockroach floating on top. I didn’t want to embarrass my hostess, so I dipped the spoon into the tea and removed the cockroach so I could drink the tea. Not the nicest prospect and had it happened at home I would have dumped the tea down the drain. The things we do to cover things up.

    When I was a child, I remember buying a Popsicle. I took it out of the paper and there, frozen solidly into the top of one side was a fly. I broke that piece off the end and proceeded to eat the rest of the Popsicle. Wouldn’t do that now. I would be quick to return it to the store, but back then I was too shy to do anything like that.

    I remember hearing an interview with Maria von Trapp on TV (the woman The Sound of Music was about). She told of a time when she was singing at a concert and a fly flew right into her mouth. Not wanting to disrupt her solo, she swallowed the fly and carried on singing. I don’t think I could have done that.

    I’m glad you found the bug before you swallowed it. Do you remember that old song “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”?


    • yes, i do remember that song. that was fascinating how you dipped the fly out of the tea, but the worst was the lady singing who swallowed the fly. now that would have made me sick to my stomach right there on the stage……………….thanks for sharing all of this. i loved it!!!!


  2. i have read the statistics about how many bugs we swallow in our lifetime and it is not something i like to think about!

    the other lesson is how many times a day do we act without thinking? we are in such a hurry important events can be completely missed or not appreciated.


  3. LOL!! my husband and kids tease me because I always put a napkin on my glass when we are outside or we get some uninvited visitors. Like you it was a lesson learned the hard way! Blessings – Patty PS Hubby is always reminding me too that they are protein, but no thanks I prefer my protein in normal ways. :O


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