2 thoughts on “Natural Skincare Saves Money

  1. Terry, I used to sell skin care products, some expensive (in my estimation) but now I make my own. For cleansing and exfoliating, I mix equal parts of organic unrefined virgin coconut oil and organic coconut palm sugar. For a face mask, I mix avocado, kefir, extra dark cocoa powder, vitamin C powder and sometimes a strawberry. This keeps well in the fridge. I mix avocado and coconut oil as a moisturizer. When I do this on a regular basis, my skin is really soft.


    • Wow, what mixtures!!! I have always used Ponds or now I use Baby shampoo, because my eye lids are beginning to droop a bit and I was getting plugged oil glands in my lids, so eye doctor said to wash daily with the shampoo. It works and luckily in a year, I haven’t had that infection back


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