Do Not Be Afraid, I Will Not Harm You!!!

I read this on my Facebook tonight. I swallowed hard as I looked at those razor, sharp teeth. I can’t imagine me coming face to face with it. I would probably freeze and maybe pee and crap my pants.

There is a story line along with the photo. There were many, many comments. Some say it is a Boa, others say a Python. What do you think? Is this real or fake? Can this really be?


7 thoughts on “Do Not Be Afraid, I Will Not Harm You!!!

    • Oh my, I guess it does have a beautiful skin coloring, but those teeth, my gosh, those teeth! I could cut the hair off my legs with them instead of using my hand-held razor, lol

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  1. I sure wouldn’t want to meet up with that thing or even be within a half a mile of it. I had never considered whether snakes had teeth or not, except the venomous ones with two fangs. But it seems they do. This particular photo is on a page of snake photos on Google, the third row down. I don’t care much about how beautiful the skin is. I just don’t like snakes. Oh, the little garden snakes aren’t very scary, but anything bigger I don’t want anything to do with!


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