Happy birthday Jesus


I   saw this on my Facebook .  It was streaming. I kept staring  at it because  I  have never  seen anyone laugh at Jesus.  I instantly  felt shame as I recognized  my own weakness, as there are times and different  people  I don’t  bring God’s  name up for fear of argument . 

I  talk to God all the time. I  pray for  others a lot. Sometimes  I  will even pray for myself  for things I can’t afford ,  like getting  my bottom teeth pulled .

I  should  pray for  myself , but it feels better to be praying  for others. There is no reason for me to not speak about God to anyone , and  on that being said, I’m  so thankful  for him forgiving the imperfect me.

If Jesus came knocking on my door this very minute, I  imagine I would be crying  at his feet for the love he gives me, which I  certainly  do not  deserve.

What would you  do if you  heard the knock and opened the door and saw Jesus standing there?

Happy Birthday  Jesus.

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday Jesus

  1. I don’t know whether I would be speechless and in tears or rattling off ten million “Thank You’s” for the Grace, Mercy and Salvation that He has given me even though I deserve none of it.

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