Lessons Learned


Life has been full of  watching smiles and hearing giggles from children in this house. Excitement  builds as Christmas  nears. There are many Christmas  movies on TV, that help build happiness in our home.

I  don’t  remember  myself  as a child, feeling the excitement  of the holidays ,  but I  do remember  letting out screams as I opened the gifts Santa had left me.

I  wish I  could find that inner child today .  I love being a passenger    and looking at all the various  houses decorated for the season. I don’t  remember  feeling the void in my past holidays that   I  feel today, like something  or someone  is missing.

I imagine there are loved ones in your  life that are not  with you this Christmas ,  but we do the best that we can, right? One lesson I have learned from losing  my parents and  my brother  is a very simple  lesson.

Appreciation  is the lesson. Anyone and everyone  whom   is in my life today is precious. Whether  I’m  in the same house  or we are miles apart, I   have learned to appreciate  those  who  God has  left remain near me to have a wonderful  relationship with .

I have learned to love in a different  way .  A deeper understanding  of others  problems and that no family  is perfect. I  think , or at least  for me, that we should  quit hoping that Christmas  will bring magic to all, and for this one day, everything  will be perfect. Instead, I  give thanks  that  I  accept what is, realize I can’t  change anyone  but myself, and to walk into this holiday  knowing those in my life love me.