I usually  wake up in a good mood. I  do my best in the mornings. One thing I  don’t  do first thing is smile. You know the routine. Wake up ,  stand,  scratch your head or butt, or both. Go to the bathroom .  Brush your hair and teeth.

Staggering  to the kitchen with slippers  and house coat  on,  you turn the coffee pot on. You look out the window while the coffee is being made. You ponder on what the day will bring and what you need to do.

Grabbing your cup of steaming java, you head for the kitchen chair or maybe the couch. You take your first sip and let out a sigh as the flavor passes over your pallete. You may turn the TV on or you may hit up Facebook .

After being renewed by the caffeine ,  you smile at yourself  that you made it this far without  tripping over your feet, or coughing until you wet yourself.

Well for me, I smiled as soon as I  walked into the bathroom. No, it wasn’t  because  I  saw my reflection  in the mirror. I  smiled because I  saw this little cutie sitting on the bathroom  counter. I had no choice but to smile at the Elf on the Shelf who had just pooped out a Hershey Kiss. You realize at that moment that it’s  the  little  things in life that can make your day happier.