Accepting As It Is Given

What does it really matter
Where this darn illness splatters.

I thought I needed to know
Which way it was to go.

The truth is; it is who I am
I am a true Ataxian.

Along with Distonia too
Parkinson’s, really? boo hoo.

I will shake when I’m anxious
I will tremor like a speeding bus.

Swallowing can be difficult
Choking is all up and out.

Falling is my expertise
Please don’t touch me; if you please.

If I don’t smile when I walk around
It’s because I don’t want to fall to the ground.

So I guess life will be what it will be
I have support and family around me.

Support groups; I run to a lot
I can cry and whine like a snot.

Forgive me for being my new me
The old one was tossed out to sea.

Just let me know you are still my friend
Because for you; my ears and love I still give.

Written by my feelings,
Terry Shepherd

Photo taken by myself.

art 8

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