One of my Short Stories 

Did you hear about old lady Greta? Never got married. Turned into an old maid. Some say when she smiles, her teeth aren’t there. In my memories,  never remember her smiling. 
Heard she has 13 cats. All of them the same color; black. Some say she goes without food so her cats can eat. 
No one goes to see her. She doesn’t have any friends. Here say is never go on October 31st. Rumour is; that’s her birthday.  
One of my friends got real brave one year on Halloween night. Says he snuck right up in her yard and stooped under the living room window.
Says he darn neared peed his pants when he watched the strangest goings on inside that house.
Talk has it that the old maid gets all dressed up in black clothes. Says he saw her nose go from like ours to a real long, skinny thing. Said it reminded him of a rotten, old carrot.
I didn’t know what to think when the story went on to include all 13 cats dancing around her on their back legs. There was Greta, right in the middle of the dancing cats, and she was swinging real fast in circles.  Looked like she was sitting on some kind of magical broom.
All I know, is when it comes time for Halloween night, I am not going near that old house.  I don’t know what kind of woman really lives inside, but if she’s a witch, she could eat me. Would you visit her house on Halloween night?