To the Ones I Love

Who said love is for the moment

On a whim, we fall in love

I have felt a love like no other

The day God sent you from above. 
I was placed here on this earth

With reasons he only knew 

I had many life long lessons

As my mind and body grew
Schools taught me reading and writing

And respect for other’s views

How to add and multiply

And obey the golden rules
Life taught me I’m not perfect

And consequences follow

Mistakes that I have made

Have made my heart not shallow
I learned when I fell in love

It was exciting as could be

And I knew it was forever

When you asked, Will you marry me.
The blessings from a marriage

Were counted one by one

When each of you were born

A daughter and two sons.
I watched you all grow up

And have families of your own

The heart has so much room

As our family has been shown.
I have learned of pain and suffering 

As my parents and brother died

It didn’t matter; my tears or questions 

Or asking over, why and why.
Now the time has come

Where illness has come my way

I want you to always remember

I’ve loved you always and every day.
So keep in your memories 

Not the bad but happy days

And when I’m no longer here

Don’t cry, I’m not far away. 
Dedicated to the ones I love,

Written by, 

Terry Shepherd

October,  2017