Read to the End of my Halloween Story

Johnny was the bad boy. He was a bully to his sister when he was young. He took her toys a way from her. He jumped out and scared her. He liked anything that would make her get scared or cry.

Ava and Don were his parents. They saw what he was doing many times but they would always come back with the same remark; boys will be boys. He will grow out of it.

When Johnny went to middle school and upper grades, he was always being called into the office for skipping days. The principal hated his smart-alec attitude. He would try talking to him, threatening him, calling the parents; but nothing worked. The principal felt guilt for thinking he couldn’t wait to get that kid out of his school, but he did think it and often.

Johnny did end up quitting school in the tenth grade. School seemed to get better and calmer after the bad kid left, but out on the streets it became eerie. His parents told him he was old enough to get a job,” so get to it”.

Johnny had several jobs as cooks, dishwasher, waiters but after a few weeks he just didn’t go back. There was something definitely wrong with this kid.

It was October 31st, 1967. Johnny and his hood friends were out. Their goal was to destroy as many properties as possible with eggs, toilet paper etc. They had all been drinking and probably would have been better off sitting in jail.

They came upon an addition where the houses looked neat and complete with tidy yards. At least two vehicles sat in each driveway. This was going to be their major drop for their dirty treating for the night.

They hid under a big, old elm tree. They got all their supplies out and divided them with in the group. One of the boys raised his hand to throw the first tomato.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a huge, dark, wispy shadow. It was coming towards them. Although it was dark, the shadow seemed darker and scary looking. He dropped the tomato and looking at the other guys, each just shrugged their shoulders as if saying, “get over it fraidy cat.”

The shadow came closer and closer. Soon it was hovering over the group of boys. Without a blink of an eye, it sucked them up like the end of a hose on a professional sweeper. In a poof, they were gone.

What do you think happened to those boys readers? Can you fill in the end of this story?

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


scary clouds

No Rhyme or Reason 

The heart has a mind of its own

The soul knows familiarity 

The feelings ignore the warnings

It’s often a scrambled mess.
We’ve been through painful alley

We swear will not enter those doors again

But the days spent not within the realms

Leaves a solitude and a void.
Questions can become targets

Answers can’t be found

The lips become unmoving

We don’t know the reasons why.
A voice comes over the phone

Excitement raises once again

There is no rhyme or reason

We just know it feels so good.
Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd