Calling All Flower People!

The bottom picture is one of my flowers I planted in the early spring. Although I have watered frequently, it shows that it doesn’t like my soft water near as well as God’s water. If I remember right, it is a hydrangea flower. Over three feet tall, and I have 13 bulbs in all. I am disappointed in the wilting of the leaves, but I can not control the drought here in Indiana.

The top photo is what I am hoping is called Chicken and her hens? I am not sure, so I need your help. Is this what it is? I saw it all by itself, in the middle of spring, and felt bad for it, so I got some potting soil and gave it a new home. It has now grown over four inches in height.  What should I do with it when the frost comes? I hate to see it die.

You see, I love to photograph beautiful flowers, and look at them, but I can not identify them. I can not have them in the house, as I am allergic to fresh flowers. I tell everyone with laughter in my voice, that if you know me personally and are a family member or friend, you will NOT send roses to my funeral, as I am terribly allergic to roses more than any other flower. I promise I will scare the pants off of you by rising up out of the coffin and sneezing and giving signals that I need a kleenex.

28 thoughts on “Calling All Flower People!

  1. The bottom one is actually a gladiola, I know the top one as well but can’t remember the name right off hand! God bless!


  2. The drought is terrible in Illinois, too. It is sad to see everything brown and dried up. I do water my patio plants and my front yard garden, but the rest is just gone. Even the trees have begun to turn and lose their leaves. So sad. 🙂


  3. Terry, our water is not soft, and even with watering daily my herb garden is suffering right now. Try watering them later in the evening so the water isn’t sucked up by the sun and heat during the day. It will let the coolness of the night (not that it is much cooler) allow the plants to get more of the water.


  4. I think the top picture is a plant called Stonecrop. I have 2 in my garden and they are quite hardy. Don’t worry about them dying. The bottom plant is gorgeous!


  5. Um…is it possible the large red flower is a canna? It looks more like a canna to me than a hydrangea which typically has huge round groupings of flowers in blues/pinks.
    Also, I believe hens and chicks are a more compact plant than what you have. Don’t trust everything I say! I’m no expert, but you could look it up online!


  6. Your gladiolas are just suffering from the heat! Scorched. They are usually pretty hearty but mine looked like yours after several days days of temps in the 100’s. Your stone crop will do fine in the winter, but if it is going to freeze make sure you water the soil well that day. Many plants will do fine with a freeze, but they must have wet feet to survive through the night. 🙂 ~ Lynda


    • thank you my friend. i am so proud of the flowers, but they are suffering from the drought, but i keep sneaking them water, lol, we are not to waste any water here, but i don’t want them to starve……….


      • It seems to be very hot everywhere for the moment – we are supposed to have rain today – but have blistering sun again.
        I think it’s okay to sneak them some water – but do it when the sun has gone down. Otherwise the sun dries it up before the roots gets it. Always water in the evening and they have the whole night to soak it up.


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