Who knocks you

Down and takes away

Who you are

And the value you  hold

Do jealous tongues

Whisper in your ears

Do you  listen to them

And do you  fear

That you are not

Who you thought  you were

Are you so easily moved

From highs to lows

That you would believe

Those who do not know

Your  inner spirit

Your  inner strength

Yourbeautiful-butterfly.jpg desires to be

Love and accepted

Are just as theirs

Please tear down

Your wall and remember

When you walked

And smiled head

Held up high

Don’t lose faith

That you are important

The space you breathe

Has your name in it

Break a way

Stand tall

Walk straight ahead

With faith that

You are worthy.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




16 thoughts on “You

    • It could have been a better day but also done a flip and been worse. He is in pain tonight and tired. legs and feet swollen. he didn’t eat well for supper and just had some yogurt and is in bed already. So I will look at the glass half-full and say it was an alright day. Thanks for asking and thanks for leading me to your page. I always read your recipes, now I can go to your page directly


    • Of course I believe in love my friend. This was about how we let others destroy our own confidence in ourselves……..big hugs my friend. I am not searching for love but would accept it if it was good and came my way. I hope I am understanding what you were trying to say to me. If I do not understand please explain


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