Is Al Talking to Me or Someone I Can’t See

Well my girlfriend is gone. We ran to Wal-Mart to try to find a stethoscope because I thought mine was broken. They didn’t have one and when we returned home my friend had a call waiting that told her that her granddaughter was getting ready to have her baby, so she headed home so she could be a part of this magnificent miracle.

The Hospice nurse came and she discovered there was an issue with my stethoscope and she fixed it. I was relieved. Al is still moaning and groaning. He sometimes doesn’t act like  he is aware that we are there.

He has asked me to take him to get tires for his car. He has pleaded to just get out of his bed and go somewhere. He has slept about 10% the entire weekend. Today after the lunch hour he has been asleep for 15 minutes.

It sounds like his is chanting. I am not sure whether he is talking to me or maybe someone he sees that we don’t. The nurse said with his not eating and drinking he will not be here too much longer.

I wish I could calm his moans. I can’t help it friends. It does tend to get to you after a while of hearing it. He did ask for ice-cream this morning but ate three bites and that was it. His urine has turned from an amber color to some sort of weird yellow I had never seen.

I would give my right arm to take a way all he is going through, but I can’t. I am going to go lay down since I have a caregiver until four today. I just wanted to touch base. I will try to write again later today.indiana saying

24 thoughts on “Is Al Talking to Me or Someone I Can’t See

  1. Terry it is not uncommon for those nearing death to see and speak with people who are real, imaginary, and have passed. Halluncinations are common. I am praying this means Al is getting closer to his journey home. I hope you got some rest today while the care giver was there. God Bless.


  2. For one Congrats to your friend with the new baby. And Two sweety, my husband went through this kind of what I called chatter. He talked about planting the flowers in the wheelbarrow and all sorts. Some of it is chatter and some of it is talking to others who have passed and who are trying to help him on his journey to the heavens. It was only a day or two of this before he let go. I sat and held his hand as he had slipped into a coma due to all the amonia going to his brain cause when we are that close and organs are not working properly this is what happens as I had been told anyhow and they said it acts like kind of a poison and hearing is the last sense to go. SO I held his hand and talked to him and that is when I told him it was ok to go. That I was going to be ok. That he could end his suffering by just taking that step through that door and to know I was going to be just fine. And minutes after he drew his last breath and he was gone. But all up to that point he mumbled and chattered. They told me once he refuses his meal that that is when it is about to take place and that he may of even requested a last meal which could be a favorite and such. And sure enough he had and then nothing. So we stopped giving it to him. His body could not digest anymore anyhow it would just spew out of him they said but in not such nice messes. I made him comfortable they brought in a chair and I put it by our slider looking out to the lake. That is where he wanted to be. He grew up on that lake and wanted to pass there as well. So I just made him comfy and two of us took turns keeping watch while another stayed up and could watch him and wake the other if something happened. He is slipping and he will eventually go from us and I know it is and will be very hard. I wish I could wrap my arms around you and just hold you and be there with you so you do not feel so alone. And so when it happens you have someone to hug and a shoulder to cry on. Hopefully hospice will be there for you. I worry about you. But I also know how strong of a woman you are. I will not rattle on anymore sorry have a tendancy to do so. I love ya and your in my prayers and so is Al’s safe journey to the other side. Hopefully your parents will be there to help guide him over. Love always ….your friend Tracy


    • Tracy, I could not help but cry as I read your comment. You know exactly what is happening here in our house as you have lived it yourself. All I want is Al to be free. The thought of losing him even now is ripping me apart and yet I know he deserves a rest. I will go forth but the bumps will be felt. Thank you so much for comforting me. love and hugs


  3. Exciting news for your friend with the new great-grand-baby on the way!
    Wishes for a smooth delivery for mom & baby.
    Good to hear that you got some rest. Please do continue to catch your breaks every time that you can so that you can be at your best when you are awake.


  4. I’m way behind on my e-mail, having been away all week. Mostly I’m just going through anything as old as March 17, but I just have to read your blog. It’s so important to keep track of what’s happening for you and Al. Oh such pain. Oh such blessing when he is able to complete this painful journey, and you can also have peace.


    • Thank you Mona. I realize how busy you are and I appreciate you still wanting to read my blog. Life has sure had its ups and but we are fighters through Christ, and Al and I both will win in the end. The only thing is we have to remember it is in God’s timing and watching Al suffer, makes it so hard for me. Hug and love Mona, my friend


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