Is Life Too Easy?

It seems that there is always inventions made for ways to make life easier. I can remember when my husband and I didn’t own a microwave. When it came out my parents gifted us one for Christmas. How in the world did I heat up the babies bottles? I had to do it the old-fashioned way. I used the stove-top burners. I had to get the pan out, put water in it, turn the burner on and hold the crying baby at the same time until the milk was the right temperature. Wow, how that microwave hurried that process along.

I can remember how I had to stay pretty much in place when I talked on the phone. I had to keep my ears and eyes open with the kids. I wanted to talk but at the same time I could barely keep up with the kids. I think kids realize at a very young age that they are not the main attraction when the phone rings. This is when they choose to get into things, whine and cry, demanding I get off the phone and spend time with them. Thank goodness long and longer phone extension cords were invented.

We have advanced so much and so quick sometimes I can barely keep up with life. It was only a few short years ago that reading an article on how senior citizens didn’t know how to turn a computer on was familiar text. Now, seniors are online, playing games, in chat rooms and dating sites.

What can come next? I wrote about the 3-D printing last week where in our near future, doctors will be able to replace about anything wrong in our bodies by growing an exact duplicate. Will we, our future actually be able to live forever and look like we are 21? The possibilities are definitely there.

So scientists and modern-day technology are really moving faster than we are aging. Life is becoming almost too easy. We are so busy being involved with work, and activities along with trying to attend our kids functions that someone has now invented a new way to make life even easier.

I believe it was in Texas, don’t quote me on that state, that I heard on the late-night news last night that the first drive-thru has been invented. You ask me what country I am residing in? You state with an attitude that drive-thru has been around for years. Well wait a minute, I didn’t get to say what kind of drive-thru. Let me be the first to let you know it is a funeral drive-thru.

You drive up to the window. A sensor can tell by the weight of your car that you are there. This process leads to the heavily clad funeral curtains slide open, causing a full coffin to be in plain view. My gosh, you don’t even have to wear your basic black. You could go in your shorts and tee or maybe your swimsuit. You could visit for your time you wish and then drive off.

Wow, the only thing I have to say about this is, yes it is convenient, but what happens to the loss of respect we pay tribute to of the ones left behind. I guess when you drive away from that window you better have at least a store-bought cake or a box of cookies to drop off to the grieving ones so they don’t feel deserted.

drive thru

15 thoughts on “Is Life Too Easy?

  1. it is with regret that i acknowledge how we have lost, piece by piece, our humanity. i don’t intend on having a funeral, my family and friends will come to our home and have a memorial. it will be more party than anything else. it will have the very human element of telling stories and reaching out for each other.

    there is a point we have to ask do we really want this or are we going too far?

    love and hugs to you my friend


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