Greetings Stranger/ The Daily Post


You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?



I am pretty friendly and he has said nothing that would scare me off, so I smile.” What’s your name?” He says, ” I ask you first.” We both giggle as we remember back to childhood games we used to play.

We both look at each other, quiet, waiting for the other to answer. ” Alright, I give. My name is Terry. Now what’s yours and why are you looking for me”? He glances down at the empty seat on the opposite side of my booth. I look him in the eye and say, ” go ahead, have a seat.”

I move my newspaper I was reading to the side. I motion to the waitress and she comes and takes his order. I ask for a warm-up on my coffee. Within moments she brings my chicken salad sandwich and his cup of soup along with water.

We both sat there in silence eating. When we were about half-way through he began to explain why he was looking for me. ” I heard that you were wanting a boyfriend or a companion. I was told that you pray about it almost daily. Is this true? ”

I choked on my coffee and sprayed him. I was so embarrassed but he just used his white napkin and wiped his hands off. He smiled at me and then I returned his smile. ” How did you know I was looking for someone? I don’t even know you. The only reason I let you sit with me is because we are in a public place.”

” Well Ms Terry, I know all that I am supposed to know.”  ” And you know my name too? What is going on here? Am I on Candid Camera or something?” He chuckled and placed his hand over mine. I didn’t try to pull my hand away. Something felt warm and almost familiar in his touch.

” Let me introduce myself Ms Terry. My name is David. I have been sent here by God. God told me you seem so sincere and you have prayed so consistently, that it is now time for you to be granted an answer. I am to tell you that you will be at your favorite grocery store shopping this Saturday. You always do your shopping on Saturdays don’t you?” I nodded in affirmation and waited for him to continue.

” Well as I said, you will be shopping this Saturday. You will be standing in the meat department, admiring the fresh seafood. A gentleman with dark hair with a little gray around the edges will come up to you and ask you about what your advice is on buying a fresh piece of salmon. You will want to answer him and upon your answer God will allow the conversation to continue further.”

I reached down into my purse, searching for a kleenex. My purse is always over-flowing with things I may need. I found one and began to wipe the tears that were strolling down my face. I began to open my mouth to ask questions; but he was nowhere to be seen.


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