Where Are We Now?

When I was a teenager, I never went to bed the night before school without bathing, washing my hair,  picking my clothes out, and rolling my hair on orange juice cans.

When I got married, I still put the make-up on daily, continued to bathe daily, and tried to look like the mom out of The Leave it to Beaver.

When I was younger, I tried my best within my budget to have the clothes that were closest to name brand, and up-t0-date. I would go without, until I was confident I fit in with everyone else.

When my kids were grown and out, I still continued the daily bathing, sometimes put my make-up on, at least whipped some hot rollers in my hair. Clothes had outgrown my age. I was beginning to stick with what I looked good in, and didn’t quite worry about fitting in. I was too tired, I think.

Today, I go for comfort. I really don’t care what others think. I have tremors, so comfort is my main wardrobe. I still bathe, but not every day during the cold months. About twice a week, I wear make-up. Sometimes I dry my hair and if my legs are sturdy enough, I will use the flat iron or curling iron.

Clothes have come and gone. Style is in and not. I even see clothes I wore in high school, but there is a slight twist to make them look more updated. I saw a photo that reminded me of the pants I wore in high school. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, as I remembered how my own pants had to have the biggest bottoms as I could get. Who cared if I looked good or not in them, they were in style. I thought I would show you the photo. See if you remember them. If you do, let me know. Better yet, if you wore something like them, let me know that too.



4 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

  1. We all change as we get older. I am for comfort too and I just wear what I like, still I like to look good. I think once you are over 50 you don’t care so much about what others say about you. I am me and if they don’t like how I am, tough!


    • I rarely wear make-up anymore, and I definitely wear what is comfortable. I have heard that as we age, it is more about comfort, than impressing. I can understand why you feel the way you do. The pants remind me of the pants I wore as a teen

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