How  Does  it  Make  you  Feel ? 

I  have  posted  before  on this  topic  and I  feel  I can bring  it  up again. What’s  the  topic  you ask ?  Violence  and  crime. 

How many crimes can you  name in sixty seconds, that you have been made aware  of, or know  someone  who has been directly  involved in ?

For every human that tries to  make  a positive  move, it seems  we go back a few steps . For every  prayer I say, Satan fights harder.

I  am  a  Christian , and  I  listen and watch the  news. I  know some  of  you  don’t  turn your  TV on, because  of the negative  feedback  being said, and I  understand . For  me ,  it helps me to pray more fervently . 

It helps me to  be more empathetic  towards human life. It helps  me to  stop complaining ,  as I  see mothers  weeping  for the loss of  a  murdered  child . 

It is  important  to  bring into focus  the whys  and what ifs, in our  world but  :the fact is our world  is in despair ,  and too many questions not being  answered   and too much  anger happening . 

  • We, the people ,  who believe  in the  almighty  God, need to continue  our prayers ,  help those  we can, love our neighbors  as we love ourselves,   set good  examples ,  spread  the  word  of  God  and keep in front mind that God  is going  to  return  and fix everything .