Tattered  Friendships  

​Tattered Friendships
You  know  what  you  do

When you  ignore  my being

We’ve  talked  about  it  so many times

Yet no text, no chat, no ring.
You  know you  crush  me

Yet it never improves

I often  wonder  

What the  hell  did  I do.
Each day is passing  

Our lives moving  on

But remember  my friend  

One day  I’ll  be  gone.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd

Happy  Sunday  

I  was able  to  go to  bed and be asleep  before  the  bewitching  hour of midnight  last evening .  It felt  good  and I woke  up  feeling  light  hearted . 

I  love Sunday  mornings   Dr Charles  Stanley  is going  to  be on in about  ten minutes  and I  look forward  to  hearing  his message  each week.

It is dewy through  the  glass  

A sure sign  the weather  is  changing  

The locust  and the  crickets  

Are taking  my mind  and rearranging . 

Humidity  and  heat will remain  

But slowly  disappear  

Making  room for  thoughts  of fall

The new season  is very near.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd  
Have a wonderful  Sunday  my friends