If You are Right; Should You Prove it?

I have been wasting time watching Judy Judy on U-Tube. I always loved her shows.

Judge Judy Primetime

Although I love watching her do her thing, I sometimes laugh and once in a while, nod my head back and forth.

I laugh at the silly things people go to court for and some of the topics I would not air for the entire world to see.

I nod my head back and forth because I find it a shame when families sue family members. Sometimes I see the pain shining through in the eyes of the one being sued. You can see it’s heartbreaking.

Sure, I understand that there was a wrong. Money borrowed that didn’t get paid, for example, but to sue that person? I couldn’t do it to my children. I have never been angry at enough at any of my kids to even think those thoughts.

Most kids borrow from us parents. They say they will pay it back, and I think they mean it; but then things happen. So we should sue them?

What are your thoughts on suing your parents or children?

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