Stuck on a Stone

Standing on the tip of a stone
These days I can’t feel but alone
Been in a low; thinking back on time
Wish I could get moving; get back in line
I can’t steady myself on this rugged, old rock
Feels like I will fall like Humpty on the dock
I really hate visiting my past, nothing to gain
Makes me feel like I am standing in down pouring rain.
I argue with me; tell me this is just shit
I tell myself; I am just the right fit
For dealing with life, I have experience enough
I’ve been told i’m not weak; that I’m really tough
Won’t lie to you my dear family and friends
I will be glad when I pass and get to the end
Depression is ugly, it changes your thoughts
But for these past days; this is all that I got.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd
butterflies 2