She was the Mistress. A married virgin. Lily had ventured a way from home too far. She stumbled upon the beautiful glow and couldn’t resist walking closer. She was hovering around the flickering lights when she blinked and she was standing in the center of the entry way.

Lily beat on the solid oak doors but no one heard her. She cried for hours and screamed but silence laughed back at her. Darkness came and her little tummy was churning. She was yawning  and her little body was exhausted. She was too frightened  to sleep.

She ventured in the surrounding rooms. Very tall ceilings. Wood trim; a welcome sight to most eyes. Deep, dark-red, velvet curtains draped the height of at least three of Lily’s size. Rows and rows of shelves. Books she didn’t understand. When she lifted one from the shelf she left her print where dust had collected.

Stepping out of the library she found the kitchen. There were no signs of food. Cobwebs gently draped over door handles. The sun shining through a tall, slender window allowed Lily to explore closer.

She opened the refrigerator but as she closed it the echos of empty danced for her. Wall to wall built-in hutches, lined with colorful china  with rainbow glass protecting it. Light bouncing from the sun cast tiny fairies to dance on the walls.

Lily went through a few more rooms but it was getting dark outside and she was getting sleepier. She ended up back in the Library. There was a settee and she took her shoes off and took the tiny fringed pillow and rested her head on it.

The thick air and the secrets of the house draped a blanket of sleep over her. While she rested, the heart beat faster from within the walls. The house was not alone anymore. Creaking and stepping, soft turns of door knobs turning. Magic began to fill the house and when Lily awoke the breathing of the house provided heat and light.

She walked until she found the bathroom. Walking in she almost fainted when she looked at herself in the sparkling mirror. She had grown. No longer was she a child, she was a grown woman.

She ran her hands over her breasts and felt the curves of her shapely hips. Touching her hair that hung down to her waist. Her lips taut and her cheeks rosy she was looking at a beautiful woman.

She took a thick cloth and wet it with cool water. Wiping her eyes she looked into the mirror once again. She saw her reflection smiling at her. She no longer had on a play dress. She was dressed in fine linens. Diamonds played gently around her neck. Matching earrings dangled gently from her soft lobes. A huge rock sat upon her third finger.

She left the bathroom and went to the kitchen. When she entered there was one setting at the head of the table. The chair was pulled out. She walked over to it and sat down as if she had done it all before.

A steaming plate was waiting for her approval. Chilled juices and hot coffee in  bone china. She thought how quiet it was and the music played. She picked up her utensils and began to eat. The house smiled, she was home.


lady in yellow

castle 2

Cry Me a River

He leaned down                                                                          river

Taking her in his arms

Lifting her up

He carried her to his bed

Placing her among

Many roses

He slowly undressed

Her with his eyes

Then gentle fingers

Opening hidden skin

One touch, bodies

Coming together

She cried a river

For her love for

Him was so deep.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt;Elevator

A pile of nude and grey tights against a white...

http://dailypost.wordpress.com, DP, Daily Prompt

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

It had been a rotten day all around. In my office there are several more women than men who work with me. We are all in tiny cubicles. Each of us have tried to make our little place in the world our own.

Some were decorated with family photos and others were pictures of pets. Some had bobble heads, while others held flowers. The day didn’t start off right.

I ran a big run in my panty hose. I was already running late so I couldn’t go back home to change. Of course I don’t keep spares in my purse. The copier machine got jammed on some very important documents that I was trying to run off for my boss. He had a meeting in less than a half an hour.

I had gone off from home without my brown bag lunch. When I realized it, I cussed under my breath because it was the day before pay-day, and I was flat broke. I should have just stayed home, called in sick, and slept the day a way.

But oh no, I am one of those who has to try to do everything right and do it with a smile. There are many single women on my floor, and most of the men were married. But there was one, just one who always caught my eye.

He had dark well-kept hair. His clothes always looked like he had worn them for the very first time. A few times we left the office at the same time and his cologne lingered in my nostrils for a few days.

He was too high-class for me, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t take a peek at him when the opportunity arose. This was one of those days, but instead of trying to get him to notice, I was lagging behind and trying to hide among the women on the elevator.

I felt like crap, my hair was frizzy from the stupid rain that wouldn’t seem to quit. One would think by looking at me today, I was just a nut case confused about which direction to take in life.

Several of us stood in the elevator and floor by floor people got off, until we finally reached the first floor. I stayed behind. I didn’t want to be noticed. I would ride this darn thing until I knew he was out of sight.

I inhaled deep as everyone was now off. The doors shut and then before it could rise, the doors reopened. In stepped the man I was trying to hide from. We looked at each other and I quickly tore my glance a way from him.

My face flushed as I knew the sight I was leaving his memory with. He spoke,”I had to get back on when I saw you did not get off. I have always wondered your name, and if I may be so bold, I would like to know if you are attached to anyone.”

I turned my head towards him and looked into the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. My stomach started to feel hot and my knees felt like they could not hold me up any longer. I slipped down for just a quick second and my legs instantly erected me once again.

He thinking I was going to fall reached out and grabbed a hold of me. His arms holding on to my waist. I looked into his eyes. Feelings of desire buried between my womanhood rose quickly.

He didn’t let go but instead pushed the correct button on the door, forcing the doors to remain closed. He took off his jacket and laid it on the floor. He could feel the heat radiating from me as he gently sat down and pulled me to him.

“You are so beautiful my Cherie. I have desired you for many months. Would you mind?” There were no more words spoken between the two of us. As he crushed my lips with his, his fingers pulled my hair back forcing my neck to be exposed to his nibbles.

Lowering his hands down my leg I felt strength and warmth coming from the two of us. He stuck his fingers through my panty hose and tore them. He ripped them until what he desired was free for  him to roam.

I don’t know how much time passed. I was out of my mind with desires that came flooding up through my body like shooting fireworks. The seconds passed quickly and yet the world on the outside remained standing still.

With flesh meeting flesh the world exploded. Fireworks never seen by the naked eye continued to be shot off. Moans of joy and words of fantasy spilled out over the two of us. When it was over, we both carefully made ourselves presentable for the public.

As he placed his finger on the button to take us out of  own deep emotions, he looked at me and asked, “May I call you sometime?”