Daily Prompt; Celebrate Good Times

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You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRATION.

( I should say this is a story and not the truth. A dream, a hope but hasn’t happened. This is me acting as if it has.)

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. Get out the plastic glasses, pop open those diet cokes. We are going to celebrate. The one thing I dream about and hope for  years is this.balloonsballoons 2dog lasho apso

My parents had one of these. A little girl named Missy. Anytime I was at the house, up on my lap she came.

She would look at me with those big brown eyes, and I swear she knew what I was saying. She wasn’t a dog. She was a friend. Ever since my parents passed and Missy went to doggie heaven, I have wanted one.

I sometimes go to dog search when I have the time. I look at all of the dogs for adoptions. But sadly I can not afford one.

I want a little girl so bad. Well one morning as I was drinking my first cup of steaming hot coffee I heard a knock at the front door.

When I opened it up there was a nice gentleman with a bunch of balloons. I was so surprised as I never receive gifts like this.

If a package arrives it is always Al‘s medications.  But today, right now this gift was for me. I took all of them from me and said my thanks. I was about to ask if there was a delivery card when he said, ” Hold on a moment miss. I have something else in the back of the truck.”

While he went to get what ever it was, I hurried and put the balloons in the dining room. As soon as I released my grip on them, they all slowly floated to the ceiling. I was now living above the clouds with rainbow colors surrounding me. I was almost giddy with delight.

The man returned and he had a box. It was a pretty big box. I would say the size of large moving box. I let him in and he set it down on the carpet. He pointed out to me the Fragile stickers and smiling, tipping his hat, he turned and left.

I stood there looking at the box wondering what was in it. Actually I was delaying the answer. I was thrilled that I had something just for me. I wanted to savor every second. Alright, second is up. I got the scissors and sliced the loosely fitting tape.

As I turned the box around I could see many holes. Hmmm I wondered, what ever is in here must be alive. Oh my gosh, what is it? Is this a joke?

Carefully I lifted one corner. Nothing jumped out at me or slithered up the side of the box. I continued to lift all corners and peeked down into the box. I think I just about peed my pants as I saw her.

Who had done this? Who had been so kind to me? I picked her up and snuggled her to my face. Her black button nose snuggled back at me. She and I were friends from the very first look.

I named her Panda because she is black and white. I love her. My dream has come true. I will never know who sent her as there was never a card or paper. Who ever you are out there, words can not express my happy thoughts. This was the best news, the best gift, the best ever of anything; my Panda and me.

The Box

A dear friend of mine here in WordPress has a son who wanted to share some of his very own collection with my brother, Al. Nothing brings a smile to my brother quicker than coca-cola.

I was informed that this package was going to be mailed out, and I was so excited for Al to receive it, and it was very hard for me to keep my big mouth shut, and not give it away, that he was going to receive a box in the mail for his very own.

Today it arrived. It had been a bad day, as we are starting to have problems with yet a new situation. I won’t go into details, because I don’t want anyone to get squeamish or end up having to run to their bathroom, but it does have to deal with bathroom duties, so we are now trying to figure out better ways to make life easier for him and for me.

So after supper is over, and he is sitting in the living room on the couch, he tunes in on THE BOX. I am noticing but saying nothing, giggling inside, as I can see his brain ticking, wondering who’s it is.

I am the worst at holding back smiles for others, so I had to say, IT’S FOR YOU! I never saw it coming. He started crying. I asked him why the tears bud? He says he is scared to open it because it could be bad, as it wasn’t his birthday. I said, I think people can be nice and do things for you without reason. I explained how I have come to know this very nice lady, and her son wanted you to have something to add to your collection. He still cried. I placed the box over by me, and told him when he was ready, he could open it.

I waited about ten minutes then looked around to him, and he was lying down to watch TV. I must admit, I don’t understand the brain, nor do I understand the intimate details of this wicked Parkinson’s, but he just didn’t get the connection of any of it.

This past week or two, Al has shown much confusion in comprehension. I understand this is a big part of the Parkinson’s. He stares instead of speaking, and when he looks at me, I can see by the blank eyes, there is no one there for a few minutes.

I couldn’t take it. I cursed the disease, and plastered a smile on my face, grabbed a knife, and cut all the tape so he could open it easily. I placed the box in front of him, and said please open it bud, you are going to love it!

It took him forty-five minutes to take the items out of the box, not because he didn’t want to, but I could actually see the slow-timing in his body. The arm reaches for the paper packaging, used to protect the items, and he grabs one by one, with his hand. He lays the empty bag beside him on the couch. I counted by seconds, and it took his hand twenty seconds to release the paper from  his fingers. My heart broke, as I knew he was trying so hard to keep moving, but the brain was not co-operating.

There is one thing my brother knows, and that is each piece of his collection. He knows when he got it, where he got it, how much he paid for it, and how many he has. As he was taking the goodies out of the box, I would ask him if he liked it, or had one like it or anything generally I could think of in order to get some look of excitement from him. To my despair, he told me he didn’t know if he had this collection piece or not. There were no smiles ever from this, but I do know that he liked it by his signals at the end. He took each piece and went to his room, and I can bet right now he is in there comparing them to his pieces, looking at every detail, and using his book to look at the originals.

Thank goodness he did this. If he would have let the gifts set, I would have known he truly wasn’t here with me tonight. I probably won’t see him again until snack time. This will keep him pretty busy, and help him to not think upon himself.

I want to thank-you dear friend for allowing Al to have an evening to enjoy himself. He may not have actually shown it like we do with awes and wow’s and smiles, but I know that he at least still has the ability to feel from within, and connect in his own ways to his coca cola.