I Do


Wedding-dress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was spun around, a princess in her own right, with a partner who was magnificent, dressed in black attire. Glittery balls hung from the ceiling floating softly, being spun like stars, bouncing and reflecting off the sequins of her gown.

A dream was what this was. The night of her life, as she had walked down the aisle into her lover’s arms only to say the only words that mattered, for all to hear, I do. A little girl’s dream, a fairy tale, that each of us want to live.

For years she had waited for this moment. A delicately, pearled white dress, with a low back, and tightly fitted bodice. It was floor length with a matching head-dress that gracefully spoke to the floor each time they met.

Music was drifting from all corners of the ballroom, soft ballads of love. An orchestra in the corner showing fingers gently caressing their tools. Champagne glasses being gently touched hand to hand to celebrate this moment, and laughter was heard from the outskirts, letting all who passed by to ponder, and stop and listen.

A food table drizzled in white linens and virgin candles being lit for the first time, reflections of their love bouncing off the delicacies. Only the finest sandwiches were being served, with several types of cheeses and fruits, that burst open with flavor and napkins had to be dabbed at the corners of the mouth, as one didn’t want to let one piece escape the taste buds.

On another table a scarlet red velvet spread its wings across the horizons and laying atop where colors of golds, silvers and whites, with fancy ribbons and bows. Gifts loved ones had brought to show their support of this marriage. In the middle of this vast table sat the most delicate looking cake, all white with beads of pearls, and red flowers danced edge to edge. Droppings of iced lace drooled around each layer, never-ending. The topper was a duplicate of the bride and groom dressed in the same attire as they were at this moment.

As she was spun round and round she could see smiles on her parents faces. The joy in their eyes spoke of approval of this day. They had danced giddy from being in love, and having drunk too much champagne. Hoping this day would never end, that the feelings that were bestowed on them would never leave, stamping a place in each heart, of this day they became one.

She felt a pain in her leg and tried to move, but could not. She had to ring her bell for her assistant to come help her. Her pain medications had worn off, and the phantom pains that were rousing her from her beautiful dream, had brought forth the present, leaving the dream world behind.

When the assistant walked into the room, she helped her patient by cradling her in her arms and lifting her into her wheel chair, so that she could start her day by using the restroom and getting washed and dressed, her teeth brushed and hair combed.. A clean sleep gown was placed over her arms and left to drape itself over her lower half where once two legs had been placed, but now were no longer there, as a drunk driver had slammed into the back of her car two years ago, ejecting her leaving her legs behind.

13 thoughts on “I Do

  1. I really hope there is a happy ending …. so it not all was a dream for her – because I love happy endings. We should have more of them in our lives. Even girls without legs can have happy endings. Great story, but I would love an other ending or is there more to come ????


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