Picture It And Write It, Sept. 02, 2012

This writing exercise is for Ermilia over at http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com. I love writing for her and Kellie, as it lets my mind expand to areas I have not written about. Today, it is about this photograph. As soon as I saw the photo, I thought of two dear friends that I have on here at WordPress.

When I started writing on here, for the whole world to see, I have to admit, that it made me very nervous. You see, I am lacking in the confidence areas. I try really hard, and I have cursed myself at some of the decisions I have made in my life.

I used to listen to others who talked, instead of listening to God and following also my instincts. It usually got me into trouble. Then there were the childhood memories of never being good enough that actually followed me into my adult life, and let me tell you, when you do not have confidence or much of it, you can make some big mistakes!

When I started writing, and I got a few likes and a couple of comments here and there, it did a big boosting thing to my confidence. I felt like, hey, I can do something that others like! Wow, let’s keep trying.

I have met many nice people on here, I just can’t say how many are so nice to me, and several of you leave me comments whether my posting was good or bad. You are all so kind.

Then along came two people, almost at the same time, reading my blogs, clicking on like, and even commenting. We each had a common denominator, and it was called Parkinson’s Disease. Each of these two ladies have family members who suffer from this just like my brother.

It formed a common bond almost instantly. As we got to know each other, I found out the areas they live in, and I have seen the beautiful peacocks on one of the sights. The more we commented on each others blogs, the more we three learned about each other, and I got to the place where my heart opened up to these two precious souls.

Now when I see a photo of a peacock, I think of Julie and Jo. How they do not know me in  person, but have taken me in to their hearts and families. They have encouraged me, smacked me when I down grade myself. They have boosted my morale, and convinced me I am worthy.

Today, I am more open to speak up, not nasty speaking, but speaking. It is still hard for me to say what I mean, because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I have been walked on and stomped on, and this was not right either.

I want to thank you Julie and Jo, for being the colors of my life. I want to thank bloggers here also, Diane, Amy, Diane, Viveka, Patty, Beth, Cathyrn, Marilyn, Francine, Stephen, Edward, George, Debbie, Rob, Nancy, Paula, Tilly. There are so many of you, that I can’t even remember at the moment. Please do not take it personally if your name is not mentioned. It is my middle age kicking in! lol

I am definitely a much better person today than I used to be. I stand a little straighter, and hold my head a little higher, all because of the colors of the world.

20 thoughts on “Picture It And Write It, Sept. 02, 2012

  1. Yes, you’re a peacock …. Just like Julie and Jo – but you never play your feathers.. you never really let them all out, but maybe it will happen soon. You’re all so humble and still you have so much to be proud – so ladies, just let us admire fine feathers. Thanks for the thoughtfulness and I have learned from you too.


    • i try more and more to express myself, to expand my mind. i know that i have made changes so far venturing into poetry, and writing a book, but you are right, there is more from deep within waiting to come out. i love ya girlfriend!!!!!


  2. What a heartfelt article. Your writing comes from within and I think that is why you can touch so many lives. As Anne of Green Gable would say I think I found another “kindred spirit” … she went on to say something along the line of – kindred spirits are not as rare as she thought…, and she was right, kindred spirits are everywhere!! 😉


  3. PFFT ^^^^^^ Julie IS wonderful, Terry IS wonderful, and you both have touched my life more than either of you know. Terry, that was a beautiful post, I too am waiting for the day when you spread out those tail feathers and then YOU can see how beautiful YOU are! All of us see it!


  4. Awe, we’ve had a similar experience with the WordPress community. I’m sure Ermisenda would agree that we love having you around, commenting on our book reviews, and getting to read your work as well. Thanks for commenting on our blog and being a part of our life online.



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