I Could Not Let Recognition Pass

Late, last evening, I was reading my comments from all of you and I came across this one, letting me know that I had been nominated for the Silver Quill Blogging Award.

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Although, I had been nominated the day before, and had paid my many thanks to Paula, I could not let this go by without paying my thanks and recognizing her as a wonderful blogger. Thank you Vow!

Here is a little bit about this beautiful blogger lady. She cares for her husband who has Parkinson’s Disease.

About us…

Vow for Parkinson came as an idea from a friend. She pointed out the good it could do to share my husband’s story and how I handle his disease as a wife/med student. Vow For Parkinson is part of http://www.parkinsonpr.com, a webpage in spanish dedicated to inform about the disease.

This blog is for you honey! I love you with all my heart and soul.


Vow For Parkinson nace como una idea de una amiga. Ella fue quien me demostró lo beneficioso que podría ser el compartir la historia de mi esposo como paciente de Parkinson y cómo yo manejo la enfermedad siendo esposa/estudiante de medicina.Vow For Parkinson forma parte de http://www.parkinsonpr.com, un webpage en español dedicado a brindar información sobre la enfermedad.

Este blog es para ti mi amor. Te amo con todo mi corazón y mi alma.

Once again, thank you Puerto Rico!!!!!

Picture It And Write, Sept. 24/2012

He was evil and she was even more evil. Together they would conquer the world, and the two would rule over everything that was bad.

They had been cloned years ago, the two of them. The thoughts were to create spies to enter the world. The had with them the equipment of hidden cameras, lasers, and built-in radars. But on the day they were made, electrical  equipment had been malfunctioning, but in the passion to mold their ingenious ideas, humans had went against better judgement, and had created monsters, from a bad spark.

When the lever of the robotic  was turned down, placing the thinking probe into their chest, a spark had traveled from the machine, entering in to the cavity, and smoke rose from with in the room, but the creatures were made, and anyone that was in the room at this point, went to their graves with the deep dark secret.

Now years later, hate was more visible than ever in the world. Greed became an obsession, wanting more than was deserved, taking without conscience, ripping hearts out of humans, and leaving them for dead. Souls were being tossed away like pieces of garbage. Sex was used for pleasure only, and  love was escaping the planet.

Scientists had been working on trying to figure out how to repair the damages, but there was little help, and not much clues to go on. Every step that was made towards repairing these two vultures, was taken back two steps as their ideas failed one after another.

One day a college student entered the scientific room, and he had been pronounced such a genius, that once word had seeped out in the department, they were very eager to put him to the test of showing his intelligence.

Week after week, studies were done, tests were made. The new graduate would take home with him each night, notes he had written, drafts that had been scribbled on, and he would study them for hours.

After many weeks  had gone by, the studying had paid off, and he went into work during the dark hours of the morning. He compared his new sketches to the equipment in front of him, and discovered, one small wire lay unattached to anything. There was no life in it, it was dead.

He grinned from ear to ear, as he carefully reattached the wire, and slowly turned on the current to the robotic. No smoke, no burning smells, he had done it. He had found the problem and had fixed it.

He immediately got on the phone to one of the supervisors, waking him up from a dead sleep and explained hurriedly what he had been able to do. The supervisor told him to hold on, don’t move, that he would be right there!

In no time at all the two were engrossed in the robotic arm. Testings once again were done repeatedly, and the two were satisfied that all had been fixed. The two of them sat down and went over and over in conversation, about how this had happened. Something so simple, something so over looked.

Daylight was streaming through the windows, and they both decided to run a couple of doors down to the little cafe and grab some breakfast and coffee. By the time they were finished, workers would be entering the doors.

When everyone had arrived to work, the new scientist was given the floor and explained how everything was working properly, and he told of how it was so simple and yet so commonly placed aside.

Everyone came to him and patted him on the back, yelling congratulations. Bottles were being popped open and drinks were on the house, some were even  poured over heads, there was so much giddiness in the room.

The next goal was to capture the two droids and place them in white jacket-type braces. They had to find them. One of the men claimed that when ever he went to the park with his dog, he would find them hiding among bushes and in shadows, so a few of the men grabbed their jackets and took off to look for them.

By now, the whole building had been let in on the celebration, and several closed lap tops and turned conversations off and before long a posse was on the hunt. It didn’t take long to find them, as they were in the park, and they had managed to grab a hold of a human and were getting ready to terrorize and kill. One man had brought with him a drug, that would paralyze the shells and with each man putting all of his weight to hold the machines down, they poured the drug into each mouth.

Within seconds, the shells were still,paralyzed temporarily,  and were then taken back to the lab, and placed in the jackets. When the signal was given, the robotic arm came down and the repairs were made.
Eyes were opening and movement was stirring. The work had been performed and the final products were now standing in line together, waiting for their commands.

The new scientist was already thinking ahead, his head whirling in thought on how to get the world to go back to the way it was. Balanced, less greed, and more love for one another, but he could think of nothing. Nothing could ever undo what the tiny misplaced wire had accomplished.



Continuing Story Part 24

മലയാളം: ഡാലിയ പൂവിന്റെ ചിത്രം.

When Dahlia heard the knock on the door, she asked who it was, and the deep voice answered. She went to the door and opened it and let Drake in. He shut the door behind him and turning towards her, he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately and firmly on the lips. She responded back, not even thinking twice, letting his hands run through her hair, down her back and around her waist.

She could feel herself shiver inside, muscles twitching, as his love poured through his fingers. Before anything could be taken further with the mind, he let go of her and walked her towards her bed. He sat her down, and took her hand and wrapped it around the flower. She instantly inhaled its perfume, and then he took that away from her and replaced it with the small box.

Dahlia asked him what this was, and he said to open it. She did as she was told, and her fingers grasped the bracelet. Fingers encircling the delicate band, he asked her if she liked it, and she exclaimed that she loved it, that he had given it to her and she would always cherish it. With these words, he asked her if he could have the honor of placing it on her wrist, and she held her arm up for him to put in on.

Taking the rose back she leaned in close to him, thanking him and telling him that she was so in love with him. He laid her on the bed, and laying beside her he kissed her once again, with tenderness and passion. Her body rose to him, but he would not let himself do anything that would bring disrespect to her. He treasured her and he would not shame her. The right time would come and then he would show her how he felt about her, and profess his love to every part of her being.

He had a hard time controlling himself, and so he sat her back up, and taking both of her hands in his, he asked her if she was certain that she loved him, and she said oh yes, Drake, I love you more than life itself.

He then stood up from the bed and kneeling in between her legs, he pulled her head close to his and whispering in her ear, he asked her if she would consider being his wife. A gasp came from deep in her throat, as she threw her arms around his neck, and said yes. Drake could see the tears forming in her eyes, and this in turn, caused him to want to burst with love. He stood back up and once again laid her down, and found himself lying next to her body.

He touched her hair, then moved gently down her cheeks  touching her nose, and running his fingers over her closed lids. Excitement was building from within him and he could see her rib cage expanding faster with her own hidden desires. His hand found its way down to the curves of her breast, and he cupped his hand around one, holding it like it was gold. Her own hands reached around his neck and drew him closer. Their breathing became one, as he found his hand raising her dress and sliding into areas of deep pools of love.

She guided his hand to places that had never been discovered before, and he touched the virgin spot. Her body rose and lowered to his touch, and she could feel warmth flowing from her veins. His hands began to tremble as his heart was beginning to take over. He looked into her face and saw that she was in sync with him, but he knew this was wrong.

He slowly took his hand away from her pool, and lowered her dress, and sat up. He pulled her gently up and told her he wanted her so badly, but he could not spoil her innocence with his desires. He made her promise that when school was out, that she would marry him the day after graduation, and she agreed. Both sitting on the bed, they held each other and whispered love into each others ears, and then he sat up, and looked into her eyes, and said he  must go now before he could never turn back, and he walked out of her bedroom door, leaving her sitting on the bed, touching the bracelet, and her heart trying to slow down. She was in love and she wanted to scream it to the world. All she could do was smile and dream of her wedding day.

Sunday she floated through the activities of church and meals and chores. She tried to study but found it hard, as her mind drifted back to Drake. Six month to go, six months until she became Drake’s wife. Soon the day was over, and school began again the next morning, and she drifted off to sleep with visions of Drake.

In the kitchen while everyone else was asleep or in their rooms, Rachel and Ralph were sitting at the kitchen table with Drew. The discussion was about his illness and what had happened. Was he willing to go back to the doctor to see if something had happened to make this bad part of him come to life once again.

Although, Drew seemed cocky earlier in the day, the truth was, that he had plenty of time to think about what he had done to Dahlia, and he was ashamed. He loved his brother and he would never want to hurt him, and he himself didn’t know why he had even went to her. What had caused this? He hung his head down to the table and asked his parents for help. Please help me, I don’t want to be like this, I feel so sick inside. Ralph and Rachel took their sons hands and promised to call the doctor in the morning, and they said that together they would find the answers, but he, Drew, must stay away from Dahlia or any other lady, and if he felt something coming over him, he should come immediately to them.

The next day came, and as soon as everyone was at school, Rachel made the call to the doctor’s office. The doctor seemed a little surprised, since so many years had gone by, and had the receptionist set them an appointment right away. With this confirmation, Rachel felt that at least now they were going to get help. They would get this fixed with the doctor’s help.

Meanwhile, at school, Dahlia was working very hard on the dance floor. She was making great progress, and the teacher expressed this to her, telling her that she believed Dahlia was the top student in her class. The teacher went on to say that hard work makes perfect, and she could see that Dahlia had indeed been working hard. The teacher asked her if she thought she may be able to help her tutor another student. That she had received a call of a special needs student, that needed extra help. The teacher said for her to give it plenty of thought, that it would almost seem like a real job with the work that was put into it. Dahlia asked the teacher if she thought she was really good enough to help someone else,and the reply was yes. Dahlia promised to give it some thought.