Classroom Crisis

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The worst classroom experience that happened to me was twice. The first time, was in elementary school, and I had come back from gym class, and had forgotten to put on my slip under my dress. The gym teacher found it and returned it to my class, and the teacher asked all of us girls who it belonged to. I was not going to admit it was mine, and so no one answered. At conference time, the teacher asked my mother if it belonged to me and my mom told me later she about died, when she had to admit it was and that it had been hanging in the school closet for weeks. all this over a slip!!!

The next time was in seventh grade, and back then we wore hosiery stockings that hooked on to garters. I went to set down, and one of the hooks came unhooked on the back side of my leg. I twisted and turned and tried to casually hook it back up, but the teacher noticed, and called on me asking what I was doing. I did not answer, and he made me go to the front of the class and tell everyone what I had been doing. My face turned oh so red. I hated those darn hooks!!!

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15 thoughts on “Classroom Crisis

    • i guess they thought my wiggling in my seat was disruptive to the class, but i was not a first grader, and tried to be quiet. that teacher just wanted to show his authority, i am sure, as i look back on it


  1. I remember when I was either 6 or 7 and, as I sat in the row next to the side blackboard, I stopped what I was supposed to be doing to watch what the teacher was putting on the board. She caught me and hit me over the head with the yardstick. I doubt it hurt that much, but being a very shy, introverted child, I’m sure it embarrassed me and shamed me more than it hurt physically. Teachers didn’t seem to think of the consequences of their actions in a child’s life. I know discipline is necessary or chaos would result, but it should also be meted out according to the type of infraction, the personality of the child and to how often a child acts up. If a child only does something bad once, they shouldn’t be given the harshest punishment and no child should ever be made a spectacle of and ridiculed.


    • to use a yardstick to teach a lesson to a child, implies that is is alright to use what ever object can be placed in a hand to teach his spouse. i agree, this was wrong. punishments were very strict years ago, and yet my older generation turned out better than mine. a lack of punishment, and just talking to or trying to be a friend instead of a parent, causes many problems, as can be seen in today’s societies. thank you for sharing this with me…………..


  2. Thank God for stay ups .. have to wear them everyday or sleep with them .. because of my problems. I never had one teacher that abuse us or anyone else .. but I have heard scary stories from my mums school time. Terrible.


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