Not Quite There Yet

Two middle-aged people in love, running down a...

When you are middle aged

Is this the time to begin

To live and discover

Or maybe to sin.

Should we act our age

As people wish us to do

Is it to late to find

A man and say I do.

Is your life half over

Or has it just begun

Has your better half gone

And left you as one.

Do you really want to

Go to bed at ten

Or do you want to go out

And come back when.

It’s a hard thing to swallow

When you reach this point

You have raised your family

And you feel it in the joints.

Not quite ready for the rocker

And not ready to dance

Maybe just a little companion

And a little romance.

Let me live the life

That I once have done

Let me soar with the birds

Until the last song is sung.

Terry Shepherd


24 thoughts on “Not Quite There Yet

  1. Terry, you are very wise and I love reading your posts! Hope everything is going well today? I miss the blogging world do much… I’m typing this from my IPhone… At the hairdressers!!! Lol hugs Paula x


    • Hi Paula my friend!!! Hope you are enjoying your relaxing at the hairdressers!!! My day was calm but only because I did not deal with the drama of life. I chose to just be with calm things. Love and hugs!!!!


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