Join Me In A Cup Of Coffee

This was so precious and I loved it. Ute has invited me over for a cup of coffee. Her web site is

Ute is a beautiful soul who loves life. She is always upbeat. She loves to dance. She lives life to the fullest. Go over and visit!coffee1cookie



How many cups of coffee per day? 3, two in the morning, and one after supper

What is your favorite caffeine delivery system? Folgers, breakfast blend

What was your best cup of coffee? The first one of the morning

What was your worst cup of coffee? When I put sugar in it, gross.

What does your favorite mug say? I love Lucy, my favorite cup Ricky and Lucy

How do you take your coffee? With powdered cream only

When was your first cup? Around the age of 25, but it had sugar in it. I never tried it again until 2010 and have been a coffee junkie ever since

Have you ever gone on a coffee tea date? Yes, a blind date, a real disaster.

I would like to invite others for coffee. Sit with me and let’s chat and eat cookies.


Sheila Morris



Life is a Song, Love is the Lyrics Β« Prayers and Promises






babyjill7…Marilyn Griffin x





Thank-you Ute!

52 thoughts on “Join Me In A Cup Of Coffee

  1. Thanks for the invitation. I had a little problem finding this page, but here I am now. I seldom drink coffee either. I do drink a little coffee substitute with milk and a tiny bit of cane sugar, and I do sometimes drink herbal teas – many varieties. The cookie sure looks good – looks like chocolate chip and that is one of my favorites. But I’ll have to come back next week to have one as we are still fasting at church – until the weekend.


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      • The cups are not so important .. the coffee are.. US are not famous for their coffee … please, don’t mention Starbucks – it’s like a red cape for a bull .. for me.


      • I agree about Starbucks. Terry, you said it all – too strong and pricey. We also have Tim Horton’s in Canada and many people are addicted to it, but I don’t like it either.


      • It’s a Canadian company although there are a quite a few in the US now – probably in the border states. It was started by a well-known Canadian hockey player in 1964 and taken over, when he died in 1974, by his partner. They started out with coffee and donuts. Apparently they are the largest fast food business in Canada. They have 3,355 stores in Canada, 745 in the United States, 20 in United Arab Emirates and 3 in Oman. They do have good lunch deals with soup, sandwiches, chili, but I don’t like their coffee. I know people who won’t drink anything else. They stop in several times a day to get coffee. It must cost a fortune.


      • Actually the prices are pretty good. You can get a lunch deal – soup, donut and coffee – for about $5.00 or $6.00. Coffee us under $2.00 (can’t remember exactly how much as I seldom buy it and don’t pay attention to what others pay). Their soups are quite tasty.


  3. I’ll take my coffee with half and half and NO sugar…A bite of something sweet would be nice…In the evening we will have Hot Tea …flavored or not with real sugar…If you like I’ll get out the Tea Pot …
    or we can just use the bag type…if you are in a hurry…Toast with butter would be good with this!…and then I’ll have to go and work on my blog…see you later!


    • I have had my fill of coffee for the day, so I say yes to hot tea. I would like one splenda and a squeeze of lemon. Some short bread cookies sounds good also!!!! I am in no hurry. Let’s chat while the tea kettle heats up!!


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