A Wonderful Surprise Visit

I had the nicest surprise today. I was just thrilled. I was in the midst of getting Al changed and dressed. I was going to take Al out to eat at a local buffet restaurant. I heard the front door open. I thought it was my son and lo and behold, it was my daughter. She lives in a near by state. I hadn’t seen her since March of this year.

I didn’t know whether to cry or scream for joy. It is a good thing I was dealing with Al because I could have been taken as a school girl acting out in some silly game. My daughter was the exact same person she was when she was a child.

She was very considerate, thinking of me first, as her mom. This is a wonderful feeling to have a child think highly enough of me and to be so warm and loving. She stepped up to the plate with Al. She helped change him and get him dressed.

When we left she even pushed him out the front door and helped get him in the car. Everything I did for Al she was right there. My hands and back and feet will always thank her for this kind act.

We had a wonderful time together. There is a small chance I may get to see her tomorrow also, but it will be short-lived if I do, for they have a six-hour drive to return home. My heart aches and yearns to spend more time with her.

When things change in my own life I will be heading down to her house to regroup and get my thoughts together. She will make me laugh again and it will be like old times, or at least I am hoping.

This was the best Saturday I have had for months. Weekends are usually very quiet. I don’t leave the house because Al is home and the phone is pretty quiet, so today was wonderful. Thank-you my awesome daughter for being none other than who you are. Love you so much. Big hugs!balloons

26 thoughts on “A Wonderful Surprise Visit

  1. What a great surprise, Terry, and you have great kids! It must have made you so happy, they know how much you work and care for Al, and it is just great to see them from time to time. I know you cherished there every minute!


    • thank you Mona. It was so nice too see her and she even surprised me with one more visit on Sunday before returning back to her home. Hopefully I will see her at either Thanksgiving or Christmas


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