Halloween Treats

Kids excited

Jumping up and down

Mask and gowns are bought

Ready to hit the town


Once a year it comes

A time to eat the sweets

Mom and Dad don’t say a word

They let me eat my treats


But two months later

A yell from little Sue

A trip to the family dentist

Showed a little hole.


Now Mommy says

Never again

Only fruits and veggies

Junk in the can.


So here it is

Trick-or-treat once more

Mommy forgot

And I’m out the door.


House to house

Filling up my sack

Excitement rises

As I return back.


Mommy is waiting

She is standing at the door

I told you little Sue

No junk, no more.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



trick or treat

Dedicated to; Whisperingleavesblog

Silence is Golden

There is a time

I yearn for

When most are quiet

The children sleep

The jails are full

God’s creatures are resting

The streets are silent

The air is still

But up on the hill

There is light

A golden glow

Whispering voices

Faces with smiles

A gathering of all

Who come in wonder

For this is the morn

The day of awe

When my Jesus was raised

On Easter morning.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





Good Morning To Me and You


I was able to get up this morning and take a shower at my own pace. I even put some body lotion on afterwards and am dressed. I smell like a lady again. Do you think anyone will notice?

Probably not, but I do. I am able to sit here and write and drink my first cup of coffee. I am loving every moment I have with myself. I look out the window and I see a mixture of sun and a few streaky clouds. I see one tree now baron of leaves, other trees that haven’t begun to shed their summer leaves and I see one pine tree.

I used to hate silence. I used to hate spending time with myself. I thought I was boring. But Al‘s illness and my responsibilities to taking care of his needs has made me appreciate one leisurely shower.

The coffee taste better. Rhino, our cat is napping on my bed. Al is snoring. The Christmas tree is glowing and all is quiet. In my neighborhood I live with Senior Citizens on my side of the road. On the opposite side lives the Saturday social drinkers; so Sunday mornings can be spectacular.

I don’t know how many of you take time to be with yourself. I don’t mean meditating or praying. I mean just stepping back and looking at the precise moment you are in. What are you doing and are you enjoying it? Have you noticed anything about this fine Sunday morning?