Take Notice Now

I was up before the sun rose. It is a quiet time of day. A time to ponder on what I would do. How will I affect someone’s day today. A time to watch God perform his masterpiece when the sun finally rises over the moon.


I didn’t really have any big plans for today and yet I am amazed that it is now 9:30 p.m. Some would say that my life is boring and believe me; there are days I would have to agree.


I guess when you have a disability of some sort and you don’t want to succumb to it; you find other ways to spend your time. I look back on my life and everything was on a schedule.


The kids had to be on the bus at a certain time. The husband had to be at work on time.  Meat had to be taken out of the freezer early enough to thaw for supper preparation. Laundry had to be done daily to keep up with a family of five.


Coffee on, breakfast made, kids up, bedrooms straightened, sweeper ran, errands ran, school functions, dentist and doctor appointments made and attended. Oh my, I get tired just thinking what I used to do.


Today, I do have to get up no later than 8:30 a.m. to take my insulin and medications. I can choose when to eat, where to sit and eat. I can make my bed immediately or wait until later or I can leave it go all day.


There is no more fixing meals for five. I can have an egg and toast for supper, cereal for breakfast. I can take a nap if I wish, go to bed when I want, do my laundry when I feel like it.


Being older can have its advantages. I rarely set an alarm clock, unless a doctor’s appointment is scheduled for the next morning. I can have music on or the television or I can have peace and quiet. I can sit and watch the sun rise and watch the moon come out.


God is still taking care of me. He has allowed my illness to change my view in life and by that, I mean the view I take in from what I saw when I was a young mom. I appreciate people who want to chat with me.


I appreciate the small things in life. I appreciate the beauty around me. I take notice. I never had time for that before. Life can change at any moment for each of us. I think it is important to love each moment we are gifted. I wish I would have taken notice of my life earlier but then again, I probably would have seen it in a different light.


Take Notice Now

Always remember this day

Take nothing for granted

For the breath you take

Is on borrowed time

The flowers bloom for a moment

The sun shines for today

The moon may not shine tommorow

See it, love it, treasure life.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




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