The New Day

All is quiet. Al is in his recliner. A few smiles have been seen tonight for the first time all weekend. He is dry and I have time to dream. I reach out and touch the stars draped over the heavy darkness against the universe.

One brightness I swore winked…

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The New Day

All is quiet. Al is in his recliner. A few smiles have been seen tonight for the first time all weekend. He is dry and I have time to dream. I reach out and touch the stars draped over the heavy darkness against the universe.

One brightness I swore winked at me. I wrapped my fingers around it only to open my hand and find it empty.

The platform boards beneath the place I sit squeak with history, excited to be trod on once again. As I sway gently to and fro to the beat of the rhythm of the crickets I feel my soul warming to the peace surrounding me.

My heartbeat slowing down as if it was a speeding train now coming to a slow stall. Eyelids feel heavy and as I close them I can see visions. Calming waves gently brushing up against dry land. Boats purring along the waters and people wave to me, announcing their appearance.

Deep air feeling my nostrils being given to lungs in need of enrichment. Clearing out the junk that has distorted my thoughts. Smells of night air crisp and clean enhance my brain, causing the shortage of dead cells to be tossed to the skies and replaced with new emotions.

I turn around and look in my windows. Seeing the candle flickering on the table where I had last sat. Its soft glow casting shadows on the walls making me realize I am never alone. For where ever I visit and what seat I rest in, life can be good.

A new era is awaiting for me. Giving new opportunities for which I can choose to accept or delete. A new day, a new sun, a new rising. I smile dances as a ballerina upon my lips  as I sit here in peace, looking up at the stars. I give thanks for my challenges I faced today. Lessons I have learned.

I get up out of my seat and the boards stop creaking beneath me. The crickets are hushed. The world is standing still. All are holding their breath as they wait to see what I take from the new day.

Whispers In The Breeze

English: Willow Trees beside the Cam Within th...

Weeping willow trees

Are my favorite of all

Flowing gently in the breeze

Reaching fingers around me

Bring me comfort as I stand

Under your wings

Protected from all evil

No one can harm me

As I hide within your beauty

I watched you from afar

One day not long ago

I thought of the prior

Times I used to sit

Beside you thinking

Some day I will

Myself be buried next to you

But instead today

It is not my turn

To rest in forever peace

For today as I watch your

Flowing branches

I don’t feel the peace

I have always known before

Instead I hear the words

Of the minister giving

His last words of wisdom

Reminding me you are

In a better place

As tears cloud my vision

I can still see you

Off in the distance

Remembering the

Words I whispered only to you

I have to wait my turn

Because at this moment

I am placing your empty shell

Near the whispers in  the breeze .

Terry Shepherd


I have been thinking of you so much Dad as we are getting ready to prepare for another soul to come to rest. I love you Dad and miss you


Daily Prompt

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

My word was PEACE

I was happy that my image to write about was absolutely beautiful. So serene and peaceful. I can see many things in this.

I can vision my parents in heaven, looking down and watching over me.

I can see the peace that God has brought to this earth, as it starts again brand new.

I can dream that one day my brother will find the peace that he so desires.

I can see myself with this peace inside my heart, knowing I am getting ready to go see Jesus.

I can vision this photo, if all the wars were stopped and over.

I can feel this peace as I lay my head against my pillow at night, getting ready to rest my body and mind.

I can feel this peace as I am marrying the man I have so longed and waited for.

I can feel the peace throughout the world as all illnesses are healed once and for all.

I can feel this peace, as torment, anger, jealousies, and hatred are ejected, leaving only the love shared between families.

Yes, I love this photo, and I know that some of these are in my dreams and wants box, but I can dream can’t I?


With God, There Comes Peace

Last night another walk was taken

The three reasons I love to walk, are the fact that I can spend time with my family. Watching my grandson delight in nature places many smiles on my face. He thrills at squirrels that he sees, or baby bunnies. He races down the boardwalk as fast as his little legs will carry him. He spends much energy, that helps his parents to place him to bed easier that night. When we get a chance to see life through a child’s eyes, we can ponder on how we, ourselves lost part of our innocence, by worrying about tomorrow. Caiden lives for the moment. I need to practice this more often myself. A child does not know tomorrow. There are no schedules for him, no work to go to, no bills to worry about. Of course, we do have to be responsible adults, and make sure to pay the piper, but if we could trust God as much as this little boy trusts moment to  moments, we would be so much happier and have much more peace.

The second thing I love about walking, is it draws me closer to God. How can I look around at the beauty, and not realize that this comes from our perfect father in heaven. Everything God has ever done has been perfect. Even in a natural setting , where people have not touched its virgin land, everything is perfectly balanced. This is a time for me to thank God for all that I have. It is a time to cast my worries to the winds, and instead concentrate only for the moment, between God and me.

The third reason I love the walks is the opportunity to take photos. One of the photos I took last night, I already made a blog of it, placing a poem about the photo. I was brought so much peace and love from it, I had to share it with you immediately.  Nature photos are my favorite to take. When I look back at them, a peace comes over me, and for a few short moments, I am lost in my own time. If I can be given so much peace from one photo I have taken, can you imagine the peace we all could have if we turned all of our problems and life over to God?