The Sticky Situation


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I have not written for a few days about Al, because I did not want to jinx my good luck, and I know from experiences in my own life, that good things do not last forever. I am thankful for the few days we had, but in a blink of an eye, it was all over, so now I can once again blog my amazement over illness.

Al had been a funny guy. He half-way resorted to his past, with funny remarks, and I once even a heard a crack about someone on the television, that made me snicker to myself. I had taken  him out to eat once each day over the weekend, with Saturday even being spent for about a half hour at the goodwill store. We took his scooter and he made his way through the store, and I am pretty sure his eyes were like bullets, ready to aim in on any coca cola items, but he did not see any.

This ended our trip to the store, because of his mentality, or his child like behavior, when he did not see anything for him, then he assumes the trip is over, and I can just forget anything I may be looking at.

We then stopped at K-Mart after the goodwill store, and I purchased a new WaterPik for myself as mine was shot, and we got Al some non-prescription medicine called Miralax.

One of the side effects from Parkinson’s is having a difficult time when using the bathroom. It is not only difficult to get the brain to acknowledge the fact that he is sitting there ready to aim, but you also suffer from, how should I say it delicately, take a dump, leave a bomber. LOL

Thanks to a good friend, here at blogging world, I was told about this Miralax drug that made things, umm, easier to eject. So we purchased the smaller box to see how effective it would be for Al, and he also reminded me that he had no ice-cream at home. This is one of Al’s latest hook-ups. He has to have ice-cream every night for his snack that he takes his bedtime medications with. Along with that he adds a small box of raisins or some prunes. Yuck, I hate prunes!

So, we make our purchases, and I see that he is almost out of energy, so we pay and go home. He had done really well, no cussing anyone in the stores, and no tears, a great day. Even the next day, when we went out for lunch it was still running the same way. We also used the new medication with positive results. He was happy and so was I , as I didn’t have to sweat over the stool with a plunger! LOL

Today, was good also. Wow! Almost three days, but then it ended, like I said before, in a blink of an eye. He had his medication this morning, and by supper it had not worked, and that was all it took for smiles to turn into anger and tears.

I explained to him that maybe he no longer needed to use the facilities daily, and he argued the point, saying the pirlax, his pronunciation,  was out to get him, that it was fooling him by not working. It was like other things you buy in the stores, works one or two days then quits. He wanted me to take the product back to the store and he wanted to tell them what he thought of it. I said no, we have already opened it. He cried, and I went back to finishing supper.

Our supper consisted of broiled pork chops, spaghetti squash, baked potato, and sugar-free chocolate cake with sugar-free icing. While I was finishing up his dinner plate, cutting all of his foods, I asked him if he would like to go outdoors and get the newspaper. While still swearing up a storm, he did go get it.

Dinner bell was served, lol, and I sat his drink with thicket in it, and his plate with all foods cut up in small bites in front of him, and I went to my own little quiet table in the living room, and I said a prayer of thanks for my food, and we began our feast.

I was gazing through Facebook and eating and pretty soon I hear the sounds of tap-tap tap. I look over and Al’s tremors are playing a song with his fork hitting the plate. He saw me look at him, and I hurried and looked away, as I knew he would be ashamed that I saw what his hands were doing. Nothing was said, but I did hear the music continue. I finished my supper and got up to take the dirty plate and glass over to be rinsed off, and I stopped in my tracks.

I had not thought about it prior,but when I looked at Al, he had chocolate icing stuck to his lips, chin, fingers, and floor. I must be getting better at not being shocked, as I said nothing and even a sigh did not escape from my lungs. He was crying, and I think he would have been swearing, but the icing was holding his mouth together, preventing the foul words to come out. I continued on to the sink, and rinsed my plate, glass and utensils out, placing them in the dishwasher. I put the leftover foods into proper containers and refrigerated them. I wiped down the counter, and got me a cup of coffee ready for my after dinner drink.

I turned around and although his pride would not allow him to ask for help, I saw that his plate was finished, so I took them and rinsed them off. I then grabbed a wash cloth and wet it with warm water and proceeded to wash his hands and fingers off. Actually, I was thinking of me, I guess, the cleaning mess I was going to have if I didn’t clean him up right here, and how he would track it down the hall and into his bathroom and where ever his fingers would touch, so it was easier to clean here.

He started yelling at me. I am just a big baby, this Parkinson’s has turned me into a baby! I can’t even eat without making a mess! As he was yelling and crying, I kept cleaning, and then being sure he was chocolate free, I proceeded to clean chocolate and foods off of the floor, and then grabbed my coffee and headed to the living room, here in front of my computer, to find peace, and ponder on how I was going to deal with feeding him cake with icing from now on, without causing him extra stress and grief, but not taking away something he loves.

40 thoughts on “The Sticky Situation

    • yuck prunes!!!! but i get the ice-cream!!!!!! i want Al to keep his weight. somehow my mind says more weight, more time. he has lost 53 pounds from this wicked illness, so i say, go eat!!!!


      • this sounds silly, i am sure, but according to the doctor, the tremors are so rapid and he has thousands in one day, he actually exercises his weight off, doing more exercise than the normal exercise nut!


  1. Miralax is a great laxative if his diet is low on fiber, but I wonder if the problem is actually a problem of the stool being to hard to pass. If i remember right Senaoot S will help with that problem and most doctors will recommend that first. However it is a small tablet so he might not swallow it easily.
    I am glad he is happier though, it is a blessing in disguise. I pray for more days like those.

    Your friend,



    • thanks Ed. glad to see you on here again. Al was born with out a sphinxter muscle, but now with his Parkinson’s it is much worse. what is this and where do you get this Senaoot S? I will keep this in mind if the other doesn’t work. what we really need is one that can be used daily without having side effects to the body. i give his in Gatorade to help replace what he is losing from using it


  2. Atleast we can be grateful for the peace that came before the storm. No two days are ever alike, but the one reassurance that remains is that you are trying your best and that God is still looking out for you guys. All you can keep doing is your best with as much patience as you can muster, and when you’re running, just remember to breathe another word of prayer. <3<3<3


  3. Poor Al, and poor you. When I was a care assistant one of my residents suffered from Parkinsons, and it was terrible watching her deteriorate. I remember almost wishing that she could have dementia too (most residents did) so that she didn’t have to be aware of what was happening to her. It’s an evil illness 😦


    • you are so right in the wishing department. If Al would have dementia, he would not be so sad, because he would not realize what he is losing, but the dementia is like sand in an hour glass. it only trickles a little at a time, causing him to remember way too much. it kills me that i have to sit by and watch his life being ripped away from him, and there isn’t a thing i can say or do to stop it……..


      • I genuinely wish that I could do something other than offer my cyber support to you both. It’s one of the cruelest illnesses I’ve ever seen 😦


  4. I think the less said….is the best way…he’s going to get upset…and you know the routine…so don’t waste your time and energy on what you already know…it’s not fun for either of you…but, being in the know has to help …as I’ve said before…he’s not really angry with you…it’s the desease…~mkg


  5. Terry, I’m so glad you had a few good days with Al. I think you handled that situation very well.
    You mentioned that you give Al his medication with Gatorade. Did you realize that 20 oz. of Gatorade contains 9 teaspoons of sugar? And sugar in that form can contribute to constipation. Honey can actually act as a natural laxative. Lots of water is good, too. And the fructose in fruit is good because it draws water into the intestinal tract and water helps prevent constipation.


    • i am glad that you pointed that out. this means you watch what goes in your stomach also. because Al is a diabetic, he is to divide a 20oz. bottle into three different doses. it is working so far, but he doesn’t go every day and it is becoming a big obsession with him. i have seen the elderly obsess over this when i worked in the nursing homes. he goes into the restroom several times a day and then come tells me nothing happened. i have explained how long it can take to work, but he isn’t listening. i explained also the problems that could occur with sitting so many times a day and trying, but he is tuning me out. he is definitely becoming obsessed. he is so hung up on this illness, and all that goes with it, he is almost unbearable at times.


    • i was wondering something. some time ago you told me about a thing that showed how far down the list you were on hits? i am not sure but i remember trying to download the toolbar and ended up getting crap that was not wanted. can you check and see if i am still at the very bottom of the list?


      • I can’t remember where you were on the Alexa ranking the last time I looked, but right now you are at 4,210,567. I think it is a little better than before. The smaller the number the closer you are to the number 1 ranking. Considering is at 296,460, you aren’t doing too badly. I did have mine below 2,000,000, but since I haven’t been keeping it up, I now have no ranking at all. Some of my writer friends are well over the 25,000,000 ranking. The only problem is that usually people don’t go beyond the first couple of pages which would mean, if they don’t have your web address, they would search down 20-30 sites at most and then quit. Many quit after the first 3 listings. To find yours randomly that way, they would have to search through over 421,000 pages to get to yours. It’s not going to happen, though. I’m not sure what happened when you tried to download the tool – I didn’t have any problem at all. But you can always just go to the Alexa site and type in the web address you want to check on and it will bring up all the info. I just Googled the title of your blog and you come up 6th on the first page. But I first had to know what your blog was called. I then Googled “Inspirational stories that touch the heart” – not quite identical to your actual title – and you come up in seventh place. I Googled simply “Inspirational Stories” and scrolled through the first 20 pages (200 listings) and you are not there. One thing the web crawlers really pick up on is video and audio – but especially video. And it’s better when you have images. You have at least one image on each of your posts which is good. It’s pretty hard to get into the top 50 listings. As you see with J.C. Penny, even some of the bigger companies don’t make it there. Some of the top global ranking sites are, of course, Google at #1, Facebook, #2 and YouTube is #3.


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