Free Write Friday, August 24th,2012

This is a writing exercise given to me by:

Janet was having a fling with Mark. The peeper looked through the bedroom window and saw the woman feeding the man ice-cream from a spoon. Janet and Mark had been carrying on behind their spouse’s backs for a few months ago. I don’t believe there was any real love between them, but lust was definitely frothing at the lips.

The man could hear music in the background and when his eyes wandered to where the sounds were coming from, he saw an old-fashioned 8-track player. He jotted down on his writing tablet, the song, Homeward Bound.

The room he was peeking through was run down and looked as if it had not been cleaned for months. He saw cobwebs so big and wide, that he knew spiders had been rampid and had made a new home here, and he saw how coarse the webs were. He had a feeling that if he was to step inside of the house, the rancid smell would over take his nostrils.

He jotted down more notes and moved to another window, so he could hope to get pictures and not be seen. He made his way to the opposite side of the house and slowly raised up to see if he could see and to make sure he was hidden from their eyes.

He bent back down to get his camera ready and then raised up once again, and taking careful aim, got a shot! He ducked quickly and then peeked once again,and managed to get three more shots, without being seen.

The diodes that were flying inside of the room, were so coagulated, that he didn’t think they would have even heard him tapping on the window. He couldn’t help but be human, as he stooped there for a few more moments watching the two hitch up together. He had to admit, that she was a beautiful dame. Long auburn hair, and a figure, that he wished his wife had.

He quickly turned around, as he was on a job here, and he needed to get his work done and so he picked up his writing tablet, camera and bustled his way out of there. He had all the proof he needed for the lady who had hired him.

On his way back to where he had hidden  his car, he didn’t see the hole left there from where a rock had once laid, and he tripped, and fell. He quickly stood back up and brushing weeds and mud off of him he ranted and raved all the way back to his car about how clumsy he had let himself be.

The car came into sight, and he opened the back door and laid his belongings on the seat, and shut the door. Getting in the front seat, he sat for a moment, checking himself out to see if he had cut himself somehow, and seeing nothing, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

He was a highly recommended P.I. and had done this work for years, but although he had lost track of how many jobs he had done, his adrenalin always raced, and  he was glad once he got back to his office.

Driving back, he saw a few deer that were deciding whether to run out in front of him or not. He honked his car long and hard until they turned the other way and scampered off. Other than that, the trip home from the lake cottage was peaceful.

When he arrived at the office, he took out his whiskey bottle from his desk drawer and  poured himself a glass. He sat behind his desk and propped his feet up and lit a cigar and drank his drink.

In his mind, he was going over the notes and already placing them in order. He pictured the woman once again, and wished for a brief moment, that he could have just one day with her, but he wasn’t willing to risk his marriage. His own wife was a good solid woman. She would do anything for him as he would do for her, but in looks, her inner beauty was more beautiful than the outer. He shook his head as if to shake off the sinful thoughts and went to work writing out his report.

The next day he called the lady who had hired him and they set an appointment to meet at 11 this morning. After hanging up he showered and shaved and made himself some breakfast, and then started making his plans for his next case in waiting.

When he met up with his client, they shook hands and he told her to be seated. His elocution of his report assured her that he knew what he was talking about. She was not surprised but started crying when the facts were no longer suspicions. Her husband was having an affair.

This writing exercise wanted me to try to use each of the words in the above photo and write something, that made sense. I hope this made sense to all of you. I really enjoy writing for Kellie. It helps me to expand and exercise my mind. Thanks Kellie!

13 thoughts on “Free Write Friday, August 24th,2012

  1. Love this visual right here: “When he arrived at the office, he took out his whiskey bottle from his desk drawer and poured himself a glass. He sat behind his desk and propped his feet up and lit a cigar and drank his drink.” 🙂 A terrific story of an age old dilemma, cheatin’ hubby’s! I saw it play out like an old black and white film with a PI embracing a swooning woman with her hand on her heart lol! Love that! made me want to read on …maybe the beginning of a new affair? 🙂 Nicely done!


  2. I realised that the goal of the write up was to use every word in the picture as I went through it. I have to tell you, Terry, you did that awesomely! I love reading your free-write work, and I really can never figure out how you get your imagination to come up with all these new concepts each time. :-O


    • o thank you Kadeen. It is so nice to know that you like what I write. I don’t know where I get the words. I pray before I write, since God told me to start writing in the beginning, so I give thanks to him for allowing me to write and for you to enjoy it! hugs and more hugs to u


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