i had to reblog this because today was awful and i needed the lift and because of this and Marilyn’s I have been lifted



I am a terrible fiddler. All my life I’ve never been satisfied with anything the way it is and always have to change things around. As a teacher my classrooms have never remained the same from one month to the next, my teaching style changes regularly and now my writing styles and routines for my blog are changing too!

I say this by way of an apology to readers because I am trying out yet another odd idea (and one that has just come to me, as these things do, so rather than think it over, I’m just going to do it! Truly, ‘thinking out loud’ again!). Roughly once a week, on top of my usual post and the short miniposts for subscribers only, I will reblog the post I read from amongst the hundreds I get through each week and add my thoughts to encourage you to read…

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    • it did, at first i was not going to reblog it, because i didn’t want anyone to think , don’t she thinks she’s special! but i love the way Ken writes and he did say some nice things, and I needed the boost at the time.


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