The Vesatile Blogger Award

This award came from one of my newer blogger friends. Here is a little bit about her.



This is the story of my life ,my personal trials and tribulations , the process of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings, my interactions with my husband and 3 kids .I want to share my life with people ,to reach out to them,help them realise their hidden strengths ,provide them with hope in their darkest hours.Remember, God loves us all, every one is precious and come what may ,He will always be at our side,so here’s to life!!!!

She says also about herself;

1-I think I am living in a dream world right now- this is my 3 rd nomination in 12 days!

2-I love the movie Troy, my favorite! I have watched it a lot of times and yet, never get bored!

3-I love eating pizza!

4-I cry very easily- whenever I see ill people, poor people, my heart goes out to them!

5-I had a very traumatic past, but, finally I have come to terms with it and moved on!

6-I have been married for nearly 19 years!

7-I am a shy person at heart, though it never comes across that way, I engage actively with others!

She is a very nice person. Make sure to check out her blog like I did!

peacockfireworks 4versatile-blogger-award

Thank-you so much.

Nominations are;

Anne Schilde


ilovecats x

The Laughing Housewife


1,000 Comments! | The Ranting Papizilla

Mitzi McColley Sorensen


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