Three Awards

Tanumoy Biswas has nominated me for three awards. He writes poetry, loves sports and life. Here is some information about him if you have not visited his website I have provided.

Thanks to some absurd cosmogenic conundrum,
my late grandpa blessed me with an outlandish name:
Tanumoy Biswas.

Born and brought up in the foothills of the Himalayas,
in a small hamlet-turned-business-hub lying in the serenely divine lap of North Bengal,
a city named Siliguri (read about my place here), near the ‘Queen of Hills’, Darjeeling.

A curious, docile kid who grew up in the ’90s,
then took the form of a wallflower in the adolescent ages,
and finally with adulthood came the flurries of musings and obsessions.

A Computer Engineer by degree,
but a Civil Service aspirant by choice.

An unruffled yet unhinged explorer,
who at times can be a total nuisance,
navigating seamlessly
between lunacy and sobriety,
between sensual and sensible,
between romantic and realistic.

He has awarded me with very-inspiring-blogger-awardthese awards.

Thank-you so much my friend.



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