WordPress Family Award



Cathy and Lori have both nominated me for the WordPress Family Blog Awardwordpress-family-award

I have followed Cathy for so long. I think ever since I started WP. I love reading her blog. She is not afraid to voice her thoughts. She is a strong woman and I am  proud to call her my friend.

Here is some information on Lori. She is just a terrific lady.

Lori Schulz has a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies from Grace University where she was given the Delta Epsilon Chi award.  She has been involved in children’s ministry for several years.  Her involvement has included leading children’s worship, leading a Sparks group for AWANA, leading a children’s choir, teaching Sunday school, and leading a Good News Club.  She has been heard speaking at a fundraiser banquet, Good News Club training seminars, Christian elementary school chapels, and on her local Christian talk radio station.  She is also the author of the children’s book, “Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee.”  Besides ministering to children, Lori enjoys spending time with her family.  She and her husband have three children.

When I read about her it makes me think that she is from my area. I recognize Grace, and Awana an the Good News Club. Makes me wonder, has she always been so close to where I live???

When I started writing for WP, I never knew there were awards. I was just nervous enough wondering if one person would read one of my post. God has led me into a perfect family of friends here at WP.

I have been writing for this blog a year this past March. I know that I have so much room to grow and learn. I can never stop learning. I would become boring even to myself. But one thing I will never change is the fact that people need people.

We love, we play, we hurt, we cry. Life isn’t fair, some have it all without effort. Others work a life time and have little. Some of us have visible challenges, and others have challenges you will know from being a friend.

Some are healthy as horses, and some have terrible sickness. Some face death daily and others never flaunt the word. I just know that I want to, no I have to be a servant of God. I know that for me, he has chosen me to help others when I can. One of the ways I can help, is by writing.

In return many have become very close friends, others have been angels sent to be with me at troubling times. Others can make me laugh when the skies are gray. Then there are the ones who teach me cultural differences, cooking preferences.

In my year and few months I have had


102,037 visitors


I am not afraid to brag and say that I have the best darn friends in the whole wide world. So everyone clap your hands and give a hoop hoop holler to WordPress. Thanks both of you fine ladies, Cathy and Lori!