Al and the Car Show Today

Although my brother spends much of his free time sleeping; nothing was going to keep him a way from the car show today. My son and a group of about 15 build trucks and enter them in car shows. It just happened that one was in our local area so I wanted to take Al.

He was so tired and I wasn’t sure if he could really see the cars as his head hung so low but I know he had a good time. We were able to stay about two hours and then he said his pain was getting too bad. I brought him home and he napped.

I wanted to share with you what he thought in his words as “cool”

bel air 2This is one of my son’s cars he entered.

bel air and AlAl said,” I want one more ride in that car” and my son replied, ” no problem buddy.”

bel airecar show

Al sitting by one of the “cool” cars.

car show2My son’s truck.

car show 3One of the trucks in my son’s truck club.

car show 5Is this a real UPS?

car show 6Al liked the color.

car show 7Al sitting by one of his favorites.

car show 8Al said this had the same color as the Bel Air.

car show 10I had to sneak in the car of my dreams.

car show shirtWe couldn’t leave without getting Al a little gift.


33 thoughts on “Al and the Car Show Today

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    • it was not easy, but I kept telling myself this may be his last chance. I am so glad I went a head and took him. Yes, my son’s hobby is expensive but a nice one


  2. Terry, as tiring as it probably was for you both, I’m so glad you got to be a part of such a beautiful day yesterday at the car show!

    My first car was a 63 Ford Falcon…I wish I had that car also! Being born in 1955, I have to say that I like this year of Chevy also. As for that “purple ” car at that show…wow! I love this color, lavenders and such, just my fav.! BTW, we have owned and operated a auto body shop for 37 years here, and my husband is a master restorer…he brought life back to the 1920 Westcott built here in Springfield, Ohio. It is on display at the Heritage center down town. I was impressed when you said that your son is into this type of work, it’s certainly not an easy job. I know this first hand, I worked in our shop for 17 years doing nearly every facet of the business…except for estimating and book work, my husband is better with numbers than I.


    • my first car was a 1961 Ford Falcon. We are only one year apart. I bet my son would like your husband. I imagine they have much in common!!!! I am glad I took Al to the show. It was the last one for this summer locally. Not knowing our future I didn’t want to miss this opportunity with him


  3. Few sisters or people would sacrifice so much effort to bless & entertain a loving brother as you do! Trust me, I KNOW by personal experience ~ Hugs to both of you angels ~ My prayers remain with you, Debbie


  4. terry thank you so much for sharing these pics with us. i really enjoyed them and it was great you were all able to be out and doing something fun. you really try so hard to make sure he has a good time whenever possible. there is a special place in heaven for people like you.


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