Dragging The Line

Dragging The Line

Every minute passes

Hours go by then days

Wishing, praying and hoping

God will come some day

Watching his eyes open wide

Seeing his smile fade a way

Silence fills the room

As I watch the dragging line

Sleep comes more often

Food comes even less

My heart just crushes

As I see this illness

Just dragging his line

Sitting in his chair

Watching his chest rise

I feel a cold shiver

As I see the dragging line

One day he will find peace

And I will once more smile

But for now the minutes tick by

As I watch the dragging line go by.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





7 thoughts on “Dragging The Line

      • When things are tough, it’s hard to maintain our perspective, particularly about ourselves. You are doing great! Very few people would have the strength and the courage to do what you are doing. It’s normal to have moments of doubt and despair. Hang in there! You have friends all around the world holding you in prayer.


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