Daily Prompt; Twilight Zone, ( I Couldn’t Help Crying While Writing This)

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Ever have an experience that felt surreal, as though you’d been suddenly transported into the twilight zone, where time seemed to warp, perhaps slowing down or speeding up? Tell us all about it. If you haven’t had an experience in real life that you can draw from, write a fictional account of a surreal experience.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SURREAL.

I have not had a real experience, so this is partially  fabricated for Daily Prompt.

It is a Saturday evening. The day has been quiet. Al has slept 90% of the day. He did eat a small breakfast of baby cereal mixed with applesauce. For lunch he had sweet potatoes and I pureed a banana and some apple juice. He ate most of the main dish but had no room for the dessert.

I cleaned the house and did a little bit of rearranging. I tend to do this when there is no one to speak to. I checked on Al frequently along with repositioning him often. He is trying very hard to speak today, but his voice is but a low whisper.

Supper time came and I went in to offer him a bite to eat, but he refused. I immediately checked his temperature. It was hovering at about 96 degrees. His skin felt cool but not clammy. He looked at me with some prompting and still refused to eat.

This is alright. I don’t want to force him to eat. He will eat when he is hungry. As a last resort a half an hour later I offered him some of his favorite ice-cream, and he refused. Now I knew things were not right.

Al has put me through a few moments the past several days. I find myself wondering if he will be here in the morning, but when I get up, I am able to say a big good morning to eyes that greet me as I walk in.

I made sure he was still comfortable and not cold  and then went and poured myself a cup of coffee. I sat down here to the computer where I had spent a great deal of time tinkering with my sound on my computer.

I had plugged in my headphones a few days ago and ever since then I have not been able to hear sound coming from the speakers. I have tested and rechecked until my eyeballs started spinning.Spinning_eyeball_transparent

I went back in to check on Al again and he was trying to tell me something. I leaned down as close as I could get and I figured out he was telling me, ” I feel sick all over.”

I told him I sure wish I could do something for him and that he didn’t need to eat unless he wanted to. I put Dukes of Hazard on for him and came back out to my cold coffee.

The only lights on in the house were my computer light and Al’s TV. I decided to play a game and was half-way  through the first one when I saw sparks coming from Al’s room. It was like lightning  shooting from everywhere.Animated_Lightning_Strike_by_geans123

The hairs stood up on my arms and my body froze in my seat. I stared at it and somehow I forced myself to get up and walk cautiously to his room.

When I peeked in I saw the most magnificent view I suspect I will ever see in my life.

There were several angels .angels1 They were in mid-air and they were surrounding Al.Al

At the head of the bed stood Jesus. Jesus 3He was lifting Al right out of his bed. He held Al close to him and I looked at my brother and held out my arms to him.

It was as if Al didn’t even see me. His eyes rested upon his heavenly Father. The lights grew bright in his room and the lightening show stopped.

I watched as Jesus lifted him up and over our home. Al was being freed of MSA. The terrible pain that he had been fighting for so many years was now over.

I wept into my hands. Tears of sorrow and tears of happiness that Al was once again going to be smiling. The only thing I ever wished for him was smiles and now as I looked up into the skies, I could see Jesus opening the gates and then the two of them disappeared.

jesus at the gate 2I fell to the floor and praised Jesus for healing the brother I loved so dear. After minutes passed, I stood up and gazed around the room.

Stillness hit me. Silence filled every crack. I walked slowly around his room picking up one car at a time.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I knew there would always be a special bond between Al’s collection of cars and me.

I would treasure them for the rest of my days. I picked up his favorite Coca Cola pieces and cuddled them to my chest. Slowly I walked to the door and before I closed it behind me I turned back one more time and looked up to the heavens. I whispered to my brother, I love you bud. I will always love you. You filled my heart with wonderful memories. You taught me patience and understanding. You gave me wonderful memories. Take good care of him God. Al promised to save me a spot. Watch over him angels, until I find myself standing next to him.


25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Twilight Zone, ( I Couldn’t Help Crying While Writing This)

  1. So glad that Al’s pain and suffering are now over and that he is with his heavenly father. God Bless you for all you have done for him over the last months and years while he battled the horrible disease known as MSA. If there is anything my wife and I can do for you please let us know. God Bless you and the angles watching over all of us.


    • Oh Jeff, I am so sorry to say, this was a prompt I wrote for. In the beginning I said it was not all true. I appreciate your very kind words, but dear Al is still here with us on earth. I am so so sorry if I have misguided you


  2. So many feelings and thoughts rush to me now. What a joy and honor to witness his assent to heaven and seeing angels and Jesus! Sad to hear of his passing but happy that he is FREE of MSA and the pain! Sadness that he is not with you in body – BUT IS IN SPIRIT! Terry I am here if you want to talk! Praise the LORD for coming to AL with angles and allowing witness to his magnificent power!!!


  3. I think you need to make that first bit in bold to say that it is not real. It seems people are missing that at the beginning.

    This brought tears to my eyes, and I pray that it happens soon for you and Al so that he doesn’t need to suffer any longer


    • I wish I would have never written it. I have had bad remarks and I thought I made myself clear, but evidently not. I am so so so sorry to have led you to believe other wise and I will correct this before I leave this page. Please forgive me


      • No, not me. I read that bit first and knew it to be fiction. You don’t need to apologise, I was referring to others seeing it as true.


  4. Good morning Terry,
    As I read this announcement this morning, I had tears in my eyes. God is faithful and He is gracious. What a wonderful departure for Al and what a beautiful confirmation of God’s love for you through what you were shown. I, personally, am glad that I was one of the ones that stood with you in prayer. God is good.
    Thank you for letting me know that Al has gone home. The people in heaven are rejoicing, and I am too.


    • Al has not gone home. I wrote that this was fabricated in the first sentence. I am so sorry. I was supposed to write a prompt on what I was seeing. I am so sorry that I have misled you


  5. Terry this needs to be removed as it is great writing but so misleading. Even though you put the disclaimer at the beginning to many have been praying for you and for Als release that this is just bad to have written at this time. I don’t mean to be cruel but this is just not right to give the impression he has gone when he hasn’t.


    • I did not think it was misleading at all!
      Terry it was beautiful!!! I hope Al goes to Heaven just like your story!!! You have done so much!!! God Bless you for being Al’s caregiver!! He’s Blessed to have you!! Hugs!!! Please don’t remove!!!


      • Nor did I think it was misleading, but so many did and I said what I did (evidently the wrong way or interpreted the wrong way) in order to protect Terry as others where exclaiming over the loss of Al. She has been through so much and wanted to spare her any unnecessary pain.
        Thanks for commenting Someone, God bless


  6. I agree, it is great writing, but it is misleading….don’t cry wolf…and I am sure you did not mean to…but you need to make this right.


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