I Really Didn’t Fall off the Earth

I didn’t want you, my friends to think I fell off the earth, I haven’t, but I admit, I haven’t been on the computer too much. I have a tablet I read and play on when I am in bed, but it is very difficult to write a post on it with a smaller keyboard.

I have thought of you so much, but I just haven’t felt well the past few days. I think Parkinson’s has something to do with it and the fact that I have been trying to keep the thermostat down in my house. I am finding out quick that this little house is quite expensive to heat.

The pay-off wasn’t good though. I was freezing. Every piece of my body was freezing. I did learn through the Parkinson’s web sites that being cold is a symptom, so this was easy to understand, but my blood pressure went up too.

At first I was taking my BP too often and I knew I was; but I was worried. It was running high, not  high enough to cause me danger, but much higher than my usual. This in turn caused me to stress more. Finally I made myself just check it in the am and pm. I also made me an appointment for the doctor right after the new year, when my insurance will kick in.

I learned that if our bodies get too cold along with my age the cold bothers us more and therefore our BP goes up. So I gave in and turned the thermostat up a little but will turn it down at bedtime and keep it low through the day, using my electric fireplace, then back up over the supper hour.

I already feel better. I still have a dull headache around the temple but I feel better emotionally after talking to the nurse at my new doctor that I wasn’t in a danger zone. I feel even better than that knowing I now have an appointment.

I am not interested in getting a neurologist for my Parkinson’s. I know too much about it after my dad, his mom and her sister and my brother Al, all had it. I can get an official diagnosis on paper but what good will it do me? I already know about all the PD medications and the big side-effects. I know there is no cure too. Unless my new doctor strongly advises me I won’t deal with a specialist at this point.

But the doctor can help me get new prescriptions for my blood pressure and check it instead of me doing it. He can also check my sugars, so it will feel good to be back in a doctor’s care.

When I moved to Kentucky, my health insurance was no good here. I think I told you that already. I am on straight Medicare right now, so going to a new doctor will be quite expensive for the first visit, so I wanted to wait until Jan 1, plus I had enough refills of my medications to get me to that point of my appointment.

So, I jabbered enough. Time to take a shower, turn the heat back down and climb into my bed layered with lots of blankets. I will talk to you all very soon. Love and hugsindex

18 thoughts on “I Really Didn’t Fall off the Earth

  1. Hi Terry! I turn the heat up and my husband turns it down. I get cold and he is roasting..lol! Have you tried flannel sheets? I haven’t yet. Before we moved here I did a search on energy efficiency heaters. I know there are a lot of choices but then there is the price to consider too.. Take care!


    • I have a new heater, it looks like an electric fireplace. It does real well in the room, but the furnace quits running and then the other rooms get real cold. I do have some flannel sheets on and I feel the best while I am in bed, but it isn’t helping my BP, as I have no movement in bed, so I have to get out of that warm place.LOL

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  2. The flannel sheets are a life-saver, I think, so I’m glad you have them! The electric blanket isn’t a bad idea either! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well – could be the cold weather is making it harder than usual for you. I hope you enjoy time with your family next week.
    Merry Christmas, Terry and may the New Year be a better one for you!!


  3. Hi Terry,

    Ill be praying for your health and the all the changed you face with the move. You may want to try a heating blanket over your lap and legs when you get cold in the house. Our house is like yours REALLY expewnsive to keep warm. It seems like the heating blanet keeps us warm and saves alot over turning up the heat.

    Lord bless.


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