Does Christmas Equal Santa Clause, Gifts, God or all of the Above?

When I was a kid, my parents didn’t sit down with us anytime throughout the Christmas season and read the story of Jesus and how he was born. There were prayers at meal time on Christmas Day; but we had prayer at every supper hour, so this was no special day for me as far as prayers went.

It is odd how I grew up going to church. Mom and dad never missed a Sunday unless they were ill or on vacation, and we kids of course were taken too. Not until I grew up and went to visit my parents did I see that Mom read nightly in her Bible. After her passing I viewed many high-lighted chapters. I never saw my dad reading his Bible. I do know he went to church regularly after many prayers and hours spent from Mom. When dad became ill he did not miss one afternoon of opening his Bible and reading it.

I think about my own life and how much my parents thought of God and yet it was more about the gifts and whose house we were going to for dinner and presents that I remember from old conversations.

I tend to be the same way as my parents until I read something that wakes me up. I get wrapped up in the gift giving and how much money it cost. Suddenly after reading a post or listening to something on TV, I realize I am placing too much concern on the material of Christmas and stop and ask God for forgiveness for over-looking him. I also have a special time of day that I try very  hard to read my Bible. I talk to him anytime I wish to thank him or ask him for something or as I stated, ask for forgiveness.

Many of us celebrate Christmas for various reasons. Some don’t celebrate it at all. Add all the different religions in and we  have a mixed variety of Christmas celebrations. To put a lighter topic to end this post do you know how many different versions of the words Santa Clause there are?

Here is what I discovered. If you have some to add, please comment. I would like to know also.

Brazil – Papai Noel

Chile Chile – Viejo Pascuero (Old Man Christmas)

China China – Dun Che Lao Ren (Christmas Old Man)

Denmark Denmark – Julemanden

Finland Finland – Joulupukki

France France – Père Noël

Germany Germany – Weihnachtsmann (Christmas Man)

Greece Greek – Άγιος Βασίλης

Hungary Hungary – Mikulas (St. Nicholas)

Italy Italy – Babbo Natale

Japan Japan – Hoteiosho (A god or priest bearing gifts)

Norway Norway – Julenissen (Christmas gnome)

Poland Polish –  Święty Mikołaj

Portugal Portugal – Pai Natal

Spain Spain – Papa Noel

Romania Romania – Mos Craciun

Russia Russia – Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost)

Turkey Turkey – Noel Baba