I Feel Blessed

Today I  got invited by my daughter in law  and her two kids to have lunch at my favorite  place. When we arrived it was packed. There were no empty seats.

I  became a little anxious  as I  knew I  only had about  half an  hour  before my sugars became  too low. People  kept coming  in and it seemed everything  began running  in slow motion.

I  finally talked to a waitress and explained my diabetes .  She immediately  got us a table. I  was slightly  embarrassed  as I  don’t  like  to make myself stand out, but I  also knew I  could end up on the  floor.

We got our food with what seemed like only seconds from the order time. I  wondered to myself  if the waitress  was familiar  with diabetes .  When we were done eating, I  thanked her for all she had done.

You may be asking yourself  why didn’t  she go earlier. Well the only thing I  can  say is familiarity .  I frequently  visit this place and have never seen such a crowd. I  actually  thought  I  had the timing down pretty good ,but I  was wrong. It all worked out, so thank  you  God and sweet waitress.

I  started to pick up the bill to see what  my portion  was and the little  waitress  came over and asked if she could  see it first. I handed it to her and she smiled big and said, no charge.

I  said, what? What do you mean? My sugars  weren’t  your  problem. She said a gentleman  you know who was sitting near by you, paid your  bill.

I asked immediately  who it was and she told me he didn’t  want  me to know. So if you are the gentleman  who payed it forward  today with me, I  thank you  so very much.

We left and went to Walmart  and  looked at Christmas  decorations .  I  got a couple of small gift bag gifts, then I  hugged the girls, and thanked my daughter in law  for the invite and came home.

When I  arrived my son and his family were hanging up Christmas  lights around the outside of the house. Yes, it is early to turn them on, but not too early to use the less chilly  days to do outside  decorating. My legs were weak from so much standing and walkimg, so after watching  for a little  bit ,  I   came in and napped. Now supper has ended, bathing  over and my family  is t rating me to an ice cream  treat from Ritters. Honestly ,  it was an easy rolling Sunday, but inside my heart, I feel blessed.


I See the Vision

I saw a tree
Barron from leaves
One single nest
I thought  about  me.

I saw another tree
Standing strong
I watched  the  leaves
Fall to the ground .

I joined the two
Within my mind
Envisioned  my God
I see the view.

One by one
Whispers heard
Life is given
Life is done.

God is king
God is law
There’s  a time  for breathing 
There’s  a time to fall.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
November ,  2015