The Best Christmas Gift to Yourself

Everywhere on every  station is talk of ISIS. Does it make you nervous  or do you ignore it? Even on my Facebook  we can change our profile  photos to show support  in bringing  peace.

It isn’t  even just this issue. It is equal  rights. It Is nutrition  in schools ,  children graduating  without proper  education  skills .  Presidential  debates and trying to make the best decision  on information  given to us.

Technology  trying to beat itself  each year by coming out with new   gadgets .  Division of religious  groups, which one is actually  correct. There is pushing children  in education  to the point there is not that much socialization  skills learned, it is more about prepping  the young minds to think college .

It is the television  ads promoting  their products ; trying  to make us believe  we couldn’t  possibly  be happy  in our personal  lives unless we make  a  purchase .

What has happened  to our world?  How much more material  items can we squeeze into our households until we have pushed out the family unit and replaced this with things we can’t  possibly  treasure  for a very  long  period .

How much turmoil ,  fighting, weepimg, begging, wanting, can our country take before the good Lord  shakes his head and throws his arms up in the air, and decides he has had enough .

In my age group  I am sure there are others  who sit back and sigh as we look back at what we thought  were major issues. In my house, we said a dinner prayer. We asked to be excused after eating.

Our homework  was to be done before  playing. We were in bed by nine each school night. We helped clear our plates. We were responsible  for our bedrooms. We had chores and didn’t  expect a reward .  Dad said, “we lived there.”

There wasn’t  a list a mile long of expensive  Christmas  wish lists. We respected  our authorities .  We went to school and if we tried to stay home, we better have a high temperature  or throwing  up. There weren’t  thoughts  about not graduating  in my home.

Now, I   sit here and listen and look around and I  ask myself  how much more. How much more will God tolerate  before the roof caves  in.

Every  intolerant  thing that happens, I  have no choice  but to turn to God and ask him, “help me Lord. Help me to be ready for your arrival.”