I Am Healing

When my dad passed away and then after taking care of my brother for seven years, and he passed; I was lost, sad and very lonely. It took me a while, but I eventually turned to my camera for comfort.

I took photos of everything I saw. I laugh out loud when I think of some of the things I placed in focus. I guess it has been about two and a half years now that I have been playing? with my camera.

One thing has never changed about this. When I am drilling on the past and the sadness overcomes me, my camera definitely helps me forget everything and everyone. Sometimes this is all it takes to turn my day better.

As the months passed, I began posting and sharing my photos on Facebook. I slowly started getting comments and maybe I thought a little ahead of myself, I must be good at this. Maybe I have a tiny bit of talent.

I allowed myself to think about money and photos, so I opened an account at Fine Art America. I chose the free membership for about three months, but the space was limited. For a small yearly membership, I could post and hope to sell one photo; so I advanced to that membership.

I was still building comments and that made me feel good; but on my FAA account, I thought I was awful, no talent, I was a fool. I went on and on kicking myself from here to heaven.

I decided I needed to hear the truth; so I started a forum in conversations. I plainly asked for the truth about my photos. Guess what? I got it, the truth and nothing but the truth. At first I was hurt, but then I became thankful.

I received some very good advice, about my camera, my website, and the photos I placed on there. I learned more about pixels, cropping, and all kinds of goodies. The only thing I haven’t learned completely, is whether I have any talent or not.

I decided last evening that I love my camera, no matter what. If friends and strangers want to give me a good thumbs up on my photos, God bless them. I won’t quit, because it is a very important part of healing for me against all pain.

I did although, revamp my FAA account. I deleted photos that I must have been so tired when I posted them, I had to laugh at myself and wonder why I did. Of course, no one would buy that one or this one.

I added more information about myself and why I have the site. I changed settings on my camera and have been playing, or I should say experimenting with it in different ways now.

If I am lucky enough to sell a photo, God blessed me, and if not, oh well, I am healing.



I have another WordPress site that I post my photos on if you care to look.



My FAA link is;


17 thoughts on “I Am Healing

  1. Of course you are talented. I like your ‘spherical’ shots. ‘White Flowers’ is stunning. The hibiscus. The pumpkins. Sorry for your losses. I would conjecture that your camera is helping you ‘refocus’ your life. Blessings.

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  2. You take good photos Terry. As for being talented, you can take get some great photos, you have an eye for what others don’t see. You spot the little things and capture them. That’s a talent. Getting them in focus and keeping them there is not as easy as it seems, especially if the subject is moving around.

    Remember to use different settings for different subjects. Play with the aperture and the shutter speed, and with it mounted. But as long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters.

    Enjoy yourself.

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  3. Terry I looked at your site you had a link on the other post, where you can buy things and there are fantastic pictures. You know I have an etsy shop for my earrings and sell about one a month if that. I love doing them and will continue even if no one buys them. Do continue with your photographs, they are lovely.

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  4. Terry, I understand what you are saying. I am so passionate about my music. Have I sold anything? I haven’t. But what I’ve gotten immeasurably has been joy.
    Passion is a life-force. I hope you can continue to do what you love and support yourself in other ways.
    Your photos are beautiful. I feel your joy in every frame.

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