Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is; disappear


The bird with knowledge


A large bird with built in overdrive wings

Swung down beside me and began to sing

I tried to wave my hands for him to fly away

But he wouldn’t disappear; he was bound to stay

He cleaned his feathers; I made pictures in the sand

There wasn’t a sound anywhere in our land

I got tired and looked out over the sea

He read my mind, said,” Hop on top of me!”

I did as he said and we went up high

We flew through clouds all through the skies

I saw where I grew up as a child

Back in the days when I was wild

Then I saw these golden doors

I wanted to go in and see some more

Mr. Bird said,”No, we’ll be going back to shore

It’s not your turn to visit the golden gates

You need to find yourself, until then, you’ll have to wait.”

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



sunshinebuttercup horaltic pose


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