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The Lady in Red

Her children were reading the obituary through teary eyes. Reading it once, twice and three times. It was the night before the funeral. The viewings had been tiring. Many visitors and family members stopped in to pay their respects. Hugs and tears, plus many stories were shared among everyone the past two days.

The day of the funeral came. Her three children were sitting in the front seat. Mom would be so proud if she could see all three of her children sitting side by side. Sharing tears and hands. Her close friends sat next to the children, comforting them in their time of grief.

Her one friend stood up and spoke about Terry. She told of how many years they had been friends. How they helped each other out in good times and bad. They spent many hours on the phone with each other chatting the time a way. She told about a story where Terry was scared to death by the horse that ran in the middle of the night.

Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

This was written for the Daily Post

Another friend from Illinois came to the funeral also. She had not been friends  long enough to get to meet Terry’s  children so she stepped up to introduce herself; while on her way to the pulpit. She spoke about how she and her own mama shared many moments together while each of their own family members shared an illness. Tears in the crowd were flowing after this friend sat down.

Her three children were the last to stand. Together they held hands, and they told about wonderful memories their mom had left them. Times when they made Christmas cookies and threw icing in each others hair.  Times when we went to the state park and had cook outs and went hiking. The big Christmas pile of gifts all for them. Mom was always letting us have parties and sleep overs. Mom was always trying to build memories for us kids, and now we know why.

When the kids went back and sat down, the minister stood up to the pulpit and said some kind words. He took the obituary pamphlet and read it aloud to everyone.

Terry J. Shepherd

Born April 21,1954

Died December 10, 2012


Mr. and Mrs. Miller, both deceased

One half-sister, where abouts unknown

One brother, living age 56

Terry was a kind lady who thought of others often before her own needs. She had been called by God to care for the ill and elderly. She worked with geriatrics, mentally challenged and dementia patients.

She cared for her father while he was ill, and after his passing she   continued the family care by watching over her brother who is now living in a facility. Terry took it very hard when she had to place him. I believe this is what took her life. A broken heart. The loss of her parents, her children moving in their own direction, and the placement of her brother was just too much for her heart to handle.

Terry also owned her own business for some time. She re-finished antique furniture. She also had a great passion for writing and had her first book written and was in the process of being published. I believe she had started on her second book at the time of her death.

She loved antiques and costume jewelry, Christmas trees. She studied black history and was involved deeply with the release of slaves.

We will always remember Terry for what she gave. She had little but she gave much. May we all say a prayer, that she is now smiling and sitting joyously beside Jesus.

We shall miss you Terry

Fourth Set of Thank You’s For Al

Greeting Card with Punch Corner Shapes

I can not believe the generosity of so many people that have sent Al get well, and happy cards. You all are so amazing, and have made him smile also! When I see him smile, this automaticlly makes me smile too. Thank you all for your kindness and big hearts.

Today, I want to thank these people who have participated in the “smile” project.




Jeff Broadway

Sandra Callahan

Shirley Simon

Kathy Fehr



Hugs to each of you!!!!!